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Why did you decide to homeschool? Schools in our area aren't the best, and we are considering homeschooling. Pros? Cons? Thank you all in advance!
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    I'll respond :-) We decided to homeschool for several reasons.  Our area has really good schools, but I tend to lean toward a slower, more playful approach to education.  I don't want my children to sit at tables and do worksheets and busy work.  I want them to love learning, but that would bore me even as an adult.  I also want to be able to work with their strengths and weaknesses.  My oldest was doing multiplication in his head at 4, but is still working on his letters at 6.  I don't want him to feel behind just because it's not the way the rest of the class is learning.  I'm confident he will "get it" when he's ready.   Until then, we can take our time and work on them as long as he needs.  Another reason is that we are a Christian family and I would like to teach my children our beliefs before sending them out into the public school system where they will learn things completely different.  Right now, I teach my boys what we believe, why we believe it, and what other people believe that's different.  Someday, they will have to decide for themselves what they believe, but I like that they are hearing where I'm coming from first.  The last major reason we homeschool is because I like the freedom and flexibility we have.  My oldest is in Kindergarten, so school only takes about an hour or an hour and a half each day. Our area has a ton of homeschoolers and because of that, we have a lot of homeschool programs.  We have a homeschool class for just about every extra curricular out there (including a hockey class, tae kwon do, art, a band, you get the idea).  Most families do those things after school and it cuts into family time, but we don't have that problem.  My kids can do just about any activity they want while most kids are in school and we still have dinner together as a family.

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    For many reasons, but largely from my own observations being a public school teacher. I didn't like what I saw there, both academically and socially. Also because of the amazing homeschooled kids I had met. They had interests and really knew who they were. Also they had personal values and didn't seem to struggle so much with their identities. 
    We live in an area with "great" (but crowded) schools, but for us homeschooling was still the right choice. 
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