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Intro and Question (child mentioned) CP

Hi! I have a son born 8/2013. I'm new on this SN but was active on another that I can no longer remember the log in info for.
Anyways, we Started TTCaS 2/2014. No luck. First RE appt was 1/9, and an ultrasound showed that I have a 3cm cyst on my left ovary. Since that cycle was going to be diagnostic (hsg, S/A) the RE decided to put me on Aygestin (5mg) twice a day for 3 weeks in an attempt to shrink the cyst.

Fast forward to last Friday, 1/30, ultrasound showed that the cyst had not decreased in size. She told me to discontinue use. My last pill was last Thursday PM. I still have not had my period. I spotted a little on Tues and Wed, but not enough for CD1. She said I wouldn't bleed as much as I normally do since my lining was thin. Does anyone else have experience with this? When did your CD1 start? I am supposed to start clomid on CD3. I just don't want to mess anything up!

Background: conceived son first cycle. Tried for 11 cycles, called RE. All my bloodwork is normal, hsg normal, OR and ovaries look great. We thought we were unexplained until we got DH SA back. 1% strict morphology. There's the issue. Never ever would have thought! We are going to do 3 medicated IUI cycles then move on to IVF.

If only AF would show!

Thanks for your help ladies. I look forward to talking with you all.

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    Sounds like something only your RE can tell you for sure.  Logically it seems like you should wait for a real period before considering it CD1.  Spotting is not normally considered a period.  

    There is a board called "TTC a sibling" where you would fit in really well.  It can be difficult at times for people on this board to hear about prior successful pregnancies.  Of course you are welcome here as well, I just want you to be aware.

    My husband's morphology has been 0% twice.  :( We did get pregnant once (with loss), so we are hoping he can change that #.  The rest of the numbers are great...

    Did your RE recommend vitamins for him?  We are making some major lifestyle changes with diet, zero toxins, zero processed sugar, and adding antioxidant rich foods and vitamins.  We are generally healthy eaters, but now we are seriously motivated to change those numbers!  He is taking zinc, coQ10, vitamin d, vitamin c, and folic acid.  
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