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Advice on crib liners?

My 3 month old is starting to move all over his crib. I'm afraid he might get his little arms or feet stuck in the rails. I was thinking of getting a crib liner. Any ideas on where and which kind I should get? Thanks.

Re: Advice on crib liners?

  • Nicb13 said:

    Any kind of crib bumper has been labeled as "unsafe" but with that being said, I personally think the mesh bumpers are fine and used one for my son. I haven't put anything in DD's crib yet but MIGHT use a mesh one with her too.


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  • Like a crib bumper? Those aren't SIDS safe. If your crib is up to current guidelines, the slats between the rails shouldn't be either narrow or wide enough for him to get his arms or feet stuck. Even if he does, better that than SIDS because he rolled against the liner and couldn't get his little nose and mouth free to breathe.
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  • Bumpers ain't safe. We use a baby sleep sack in crib so no threats from crib rails. We use a babydeedee.com sleep nest. It's a bit heavier so helps keeping LO in place. We have 2/3 of these. I think they discourage small baby from rolling onto her tummy while asleep. LO sleeps so much better now. Definitely a better alternative. 
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