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Okay this is probably a stupid question so I wanted to ask it here first before I have to ask the RE to clarify again. He told me that when I go off the BCP after my hysteroscopy I will have a withdrawal bleed from stopping the pill. That I understand. But then he said I will then get my period and that will be CD1. This is where I am confused. So when I start bleeding after stopping the BCP-couldn't my cycle theoretically start up from there and I will potentially ovulate two weeks later? Or do you really need another official period before you ovulate? It has been so long since I was on BCP that I can't remember and what the RE said just confused the heck out of me! 
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Re: BCP question

  • I have never had withdraw bleeding so it has always been a really long extended cycle for me.

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  • So confusing.  I always count bleed after the pill as my "period" and go from there.  But maybe that's not technically a "true" period and he wants you to wait one more who cycle?

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  • The one time I was put on BCP by my RE CD1 was the first day of full flow after stopping the pills. But like FrenchTeacher said maybe he wants you to wait one more cycle?
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  • That's really confusing.  I've never had withdrawal bleeding but that was so long ago now that I was on BCPs so maybe I don't remember?  I'm inclined to agree with FTM.  And I don't think that's a dumb question to ask your RE to clarify.  I'm sure they get much worse questions. ;)
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