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Terrible childbirth experience at Hoag

Hi Guys,

I wanted to personally open up and share our childbirth story in hope that I could help others in avoiding the same situation.
You can read all about it here.

If you are anyone you know is seeing one of the doctors mentioned in my post you may want to consider alerting them to my story.

Moderators: I have nothing to gain from posting a link to my blog. If it violates the forum rules in any way, I'd be more than happy to paste it here instead.

Re: Terrible childbirth experience at Hoag

  • Very sorry for the terrible experience you had.  Although after reading your blog, I would say your terrible experience was with the OB you chose, not Hoag   :(
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    BFP #2 6/2010, DD lost to congenital heart disease, we are heartbroken.

    TTC #2 4/2011, diagnosed MTHFR, FVL
    Four natural cycles BFN; Clomid IUI BFN; Follistim IUI BFN;
    1/2012 IVF #1 BFN
    4/2012 FET BFP #3
    5/2012 7w1d u/s: anembryonic demise; M/C @ 8w.
    6/2012 found Stage II/III endo on laparoscopy, removed w/ laser.
    8/2012 IVF #2 epic fail: no viable embryos.

    Vacation, break, second opinions, on to new RE.
    1/2013 Surprise chemical pregnancy BFP #4 (break cycle), IVF #3 postponed.
    2/2013 TI w/ hormonal support, prednisone, aspirin, Lovenox, acupuncture gave us a miracle BFP #5!
    Heartbeat on U/S at 6w1d! Baby,please stay!!
    Our miracle baby boy arrived 10/2013!  We are so in love!!

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    Our second daughter arrived in May 2015!  We are so grateful!  

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