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Pumping to return to work. Need advice.

Hi mommies! My little boy is 4 weeks old and I want to start pumping to build supply for when I return to work in 6 weeks. How should I go about this? He still cluster feeds and I'm not sure when to try to pump as I still want milk there for him? All advice is appreciated!!

Re: Pumping to return to work. Need advice.

  • I pumped after every feed. Even just one side at a time if you think littles will want to eat again soon. And pumped extra at night while littles was sleeping. I have a large freezer supply now and littles is 6 weeks.
  • I usually pump about an hour after the first feeding of the day. My 3 week old usually fills up at that time and I have a lot of milk then. I am building a stash but not going to work. What you pump at work will likely be the majority of what you use. I did go back to work after my first was born and didn't have much of a stash. It worked out well for us. I did pump 3 times a day at work.
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  • I am pumping once a day in the morning when I have the most milk. I figure if I do this for the next four weeks before I head back to work, it should be sufficient.
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  • I'm having issues with cluster feeding at the moment so I haven't had a lot of opportunities to pump. She has drank from a bottle twice so that eases my anxiety about her taking a bottle at daycare in a month-ish.
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  • I pump twice to build up a stash, once in the morning and once in the afternoon both times about an hour after feeding. I store 4oz at a time in the freezer, and whatever I pumped above that I store in the fridge, so my husband can give him a bottle once a day. (So far he takes bottle and breast equally well, though he does spit up a bit more with the bottle) I also pump anytime my husband feeds him a bottle, to tell my body "replace"that feeling. So far, it's working out well for me this way.
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  • I read somewhere that you could pump for ten minutes right after a feeding to start a stock pile. I like this better than just trying to get as much as possible. My concern is really how baby will adjust to bottle. I have a feeling that I'll be doing a lot of night feelings once I go back to work. Anyone have advice how prep for this mentally and emotionally?
  • I was told to pump 10 minutes each side after each feeding and once in the morning.  Unfortunately, due to LO latch issues and extremely low supply I had to pump and supplement.  I envy you ladies with supplies to feed baby and build up a stash! 
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  • I am going back to work when my son is 6 weeks old.  Our pediatrician told me to pump after every feeding for 15 minutes.  She said it would help build a larger milk supply and would help to store milk away for when I return to work.  So far, it seems to be working well because I have an abundance of milk.  Also, I have been breast feeding during the day and bottle feeding breast milk at night time.  My son doesn't seem to have any problems breast feeding or bottle feeding as he easily takes from either source.  I just hope I can keep up with the pumping while working.  Good Luck to you! 
  • Try the tommy tippie Bottles from Walmart
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