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Waking every 2 hours to nurse

ladies, I'm losing it here. LO has been waking up every 2 hours to nurse for the last 6 weeks. We used to get 4-6 hours of straight sleep. When is this going to end? We can't swaddle because she's rolling over. We use the zipadeezip and I'm starting to think maybe that's the issue and we should use a regular sleep sak instead.

She is eats exclusively breastmilk for the most part and we give her puréed veggies at night. She'll be 6 months next Monday. Can't wait to give more solids.

Any advice appreciated!!!

Re: Waking every 2 hours to nurse

  • My son is doing the same thing for the past month. He used to sleep 6-8 hrs straight but now he wants to nurse every two hours. He is teething and has a his first tooth coming in so I'm thinking that has something to do with it. I hope it gets better. Good luck
  • This happened to me and it lasted a 2 months. I got the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit and now he is back to sleeping 4 hour stretches, Breast milk baby. He would wake up and roll over but the suit helps him not wake so easily.

    Your LO might be growing too. And teething does play a big roll.
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  • I had the same problem and paid for a sleep consultant to come help me! She said feed them loads in the day and don't feed them at night - soothe them to sleep instead (obviously this is a gradual process not all at once) my baby has just started sleeping through! Dreams can come true! Good luck
  • @‌EarnieZipee
    There is hope! Which feedings did you give up snd try to soothe? Does it matter?
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    Me too only mine is waking every hour!
    I don't know what to do
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  • This must be happening to us too! We sleep trained her right after Christmas, and after that she would go down easy and sleep until about 3am to feed, would want to feed again at 5 and then wake at 7. Slowly she started waking for that first feeding earlier and earlier and the past two nights its taken her an hour + to fall asleep. I've tried to go back to the Ferber method to re-train her, but even with our check-ins with her every 15 minutes, she still cries and cries. Its driving me and MH crazy!
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  • Advice was to only feed after midnight at first -then he actually stretched out feeding himself
  • This happened to us too. I started not nursing everytime she woke up. The first wake up, I would have hubby soothe & put back down, then if that didn't work I knew she was hungry and would feed. Also upped her ozs in bottle at daycare, so she wasn't as hungry at night. This can be really frustrating especially when the were sleeping well. Good Luck!
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  • I'm right with ya!! My LO is up every three hours.... Exhausted beyond belief!
  • We're back to every 2 hours too. I was advised to try and reduce the amount he eats at the night feedings and then space them out and eventually eliminate them completely. Tried only feeding off one side for the last two nights and it resulted in 1 and 3 hour screaming fits. I'm just going to feed him whatever he wants tonight and maybe try again tomorrow night. Hubby and I need our sleep. The sleep consultants will make you think they "need" to start sleeping through by this age but for us, it's a lot easier for me to get up for 10mins and feed him then to go through a 3 hour nightmare. Not going to give up trying but also not going to put my family through that again!
  • Saw my PED yesterday and felt like a horrible mom cause I nurse him every 4-5 hours during the night..."oh no no no he should be sleeping through the night".... I have to do what I want to do. Yeah some nights I'm tired but hey if he's waking and eating then fine.
  • Growth spurt since they are developing and getting ready to crawl they need those extra calories.
  • My ped is all for feeding when he wakes and comforting him as needed, she doesn't feel it's normal for most babies to sleep through the night by now. Especially like the above post mentioned with the 6 month growth spurt. So, I'm settking in for the long haul!
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