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potty training help

My daughter is now 2 1/2
We were interested in the potty for a while . we would try and go and have had a few successful times.
Now its like all.of a sudden we don't have any interest in it at all. I try every day with her a fee times a day
Easy time input her on the potty she screams and wants to leave. I have never forced her to go to the potty .
She just seems to have zero interest in it . we have big girl panties and pull ups. I need help not sure what to do .

Re: potty training help

  • We are just about 100% potty trained (not at night yet:( ) We purchased toddler undies! You have to have consistency. If she is in the undies set a timer to ask every 20 minutes if she has to go. in the beginning we had several accidents. Dont get angry at the accidents as they are her learning opportunities! If she poos in them show her where the poo goes and have her help you flush it bye bye. Our DD like to go through the entire process. From start to finish i talk it through with her and once she is done we do a quick little dance and then start or continue on with our activity. DD is not yet 2 but has showed signs/ interest in the potty. SO we took that step. I just had a LO and im sure we may see some regression now but these are the steps that have worked for us.
  • My LO is 25 months. She was so interested at 13 months and even said "potty" when she wanted to sit on it. Now-nothing. She sits on her potty all day clothed, but when I take her diaper off, she won't sit. I found a "3 day potty train" on Pinterest and am thinking of trying. They pretty much devoted 3 days to their child. Kept them naked, and when they started to pee they would run and put them on the potty. By day 2, their child got the hint, and by day 3, they were going on their own. Every child is different and have their "I'm ready" moment. I don't think this will work for all children, but I am hoping to have her trained before the baby gets here. So I figured it is worth a try. I will gate up the areas I don't want her naked in, and since we have hardwood floors and a leather couch, I don't see it as a big issue if she did pee or poop on things. it does sound nasty, but if it's something you may be interested in, maybe look it up. I hope this helps.
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