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My bby girl is almost 7mts (on the 15th) anyways :) I breastfeed her & I want to transition to formula but she doesn't like the bottles I have..I have playtex drop ins with Natural latch & Medela (Note: one day I did successfully give her formula in the Medela bottle..but it took awhile) 4oz to be exact..can we skip the bottle and go to a sippy cup?..I just tried the playtex again tonight and she fussed and screamed bloody murder lol [-( I ended up giving her my boob after that :-/


  • Go for it. Try a Nuk soft top sippy cup. See if she can master the bite & suck. Sippy cups do require some trial & error. You can always syringe or spoon & cup the formula.

    I know DS was picky about nipples on bottles but was thrilled to drink formula or breast milk through a straw.

    Give it a shot & see what works.

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  • Thanks so much.
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  • Perhaps the nipple flow is too slow? Too fast?
  • I think it might have been too slow.. I'm going to start trying again. I just got the Kiinde system from a giveaway..she might take on to it's supposed to be breastfeeding friendly
  • you can do sippy cups...we did that with my first....he never took the bottle when I went back to work.....we went to sippy cup...he took it sometimes....he just tanked up with my nursing in the morning, after work and bedtime....he'd
  • You can definitely skip the bottle and go straight to a sippy. A lot of babies are transitioning to sippies around 6-7 months.

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