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Do I say "no thanks"

So due to medical issues/hospital bedrest we pulled the pin on my baby shower for my first born (my sister was planning it) luckily we knew just before invites went out.
If a shower is offered this time around, do I politely decline, as I have already had a child, but not a baby shower?

Re: Do I say "no thanks"

  • I agree with PP. Anyone who wants to will get you a gift, you don't need a shower. Most people thinking of getting you a gift will ask what you need so think on it and have some ideas ready. But, just like with a first child, always assume you will be buying everything the baby needs and budget accordingly. 

    I think something small with family is always acceptable, but traditional showers are reserved for first time moms. You can also create a registry just to keep organized and get discounts on anything you buy. I promise a shower is not some magical event. Ours was over in 2 hours and honestly kinda stressful for me even though all I had to do was show up lol.
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  • The rules say politely decline. People will buy gifts if they want. If you're looking to say yes to have a gathering/celebration, have a small party (sans registry) when the baby arrives to celebrate the occasion and get everyone together.
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