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switching to formula from nursing

Re: switching to formula from nursing

  • don't know why it didn't were go again.

    I went back to work in December and I am just not pumping enough to keep up with DD's demand.  We are mixing what I am pumping with formula but the amont I pump keeps dropping....and since I teach there are only certain times I can pump so I can even try to  build it up by doing it more frequently.  If you switched how many ounces did your LO take at once...she takes about 4-5 oz per bottle about every 3 - 3 1/2 hours.  Sound about right?  We have her six month appt  Tuesday ad we can talk with pedi then, but curious in the mean time.  I should mention she is very petite...she's 6 months today and weights under 14 lbs.....average in height at all appt
  • I'd start with 4oz. If you are mixing make sure to swirl the mixture if there is breast milk in there (vs. Shake).

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  • Yes, we swirl........thanks :)
  • What worked for me to get a baseline amount was making note of how much I'd get each time I'd pump, then I would pump right after nursing DS and see what the difference was. From there it was just paying attention to whether he seemed satisfied, still seemed hungry, or was spitting up from overfeeding. I think I've also heard that for most babies it's something like 2-3 oz up to about three months and then they should increase roughly and ounce per month. DS is 17 weeks and drinks about 3.5 oz every 3-4 hrs (4 oz if he's experiencing a growth spurt and feeling hungrier). That's with formula feeding only right now.
  • Thanks!  She is 6 months old but petite.....not even 14 lbs she seems to about 4 oz...sometimes 3, sometimes 5....4 is the average
  • Sounds like you've figured it out then. Great job, Mama!

    Mine is petite as well, 10 pounds. I can't help feeling a little irked when people comment on how "tiny" he is. "Well, all my babies were husky." Good for you. I just like healthy baby. Lol my rant for the day.
  • Yeah, Muzuira007, my two older boys are petite now, but were a little chunkier as a baby......they are all about the 10% for weight's in the family genes. :)
  • What's with the swirling? I've never heard of it!
  • Breast milk should always be swirled not shaken. Shaking can damage the milk. (See link)
  • Schools really need a better system for moms to have breaks to pump.

    Have you tried supplements to help your supply?  When I started eating oatmeal for breakfast I saw a increase in my milk supply.  I have also made lactation cookies.  They do sell the cookies too but since I love to bake I decided to get ingredients and make them myself. 
  • Pump before work and after baby is in bed if you really can't pump more at work.
  • I do that too!

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