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Reflux?? How can you tell?

Moms! Needing advice.. How can you tell if your baby has reflux or just spits up regularly?? Not sure what to think.

Re: Reflux?? How can you tell?

  • I'm posting this after my LOnhad spit up come out his mouth and nose!! He was laying on his back and I was changing him. It was pretty scary!!! Has anyone else had this happen to thier babies? Now I'm afraid to lay him on his back.
  • @papapalie. Thank you for the reassurance!! He doesn't seem to mind it but when it came out of his nose he wasn't too happy. Im going to try burping him more during feedings as he has an agressice suck and I can hear him getting a lot of air. Do you know a typical timeline of when they outgrow all the spit up issues?
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  • My DS is constantly trying to swallow. Like whatever is in his stomach is creeping up and he has to swallow it back down.
  • When it comes through the nose it is very scary, I sit him up after feedings an try to get a good burp, if the burp sounds 'wet' especially I don't put him straight down.
  • I'm so glad I came across this post, FTM and my girl spits up ALOT ... but after reading this, she seems to be a "happy spitter" because she's gaining weight beautifully and she never minds it when the spit up is coming out, it just spews from her mouth and she goes about what she's been doing haha. Loving my bump-y advice :)
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  • I burp him halfway during bottle keep him upright for ten min after but ask dr bc my son has reflux and is taking meds bc coughing almost choking yesterday and he's so much better..silent reflux like heartburn
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