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I have been a member of the bump for awhile.  I was originally on the TTTC board and then after a year and a half of trying, the month before we were to begin fertility treatment, we got a shocking bfp in September.  We were so overjoyed, but it ended quickly when hcg tests proved that the pregnancy was nonviable.  I had a D&C in October and we completely gave up after that.  I stopped visiting boards and started focusing on things that did not make me think about pregnancy, that's why this bfp was truly unexpected.  I only took the test because I knew that I was 5 days late from "normal" (I've been irregular for a long time) and I was planning on drinking that night.  So once it was positive, I immediately called my OBGYN and they fit me in for an hcg test that morning.  They told me that if my levels were over 1,000 then I wouldn't need another test and everything would be good.  I immediately thought that wouldn't happen because last time it never went over 200.  To my pleasant surprise and unbelievable relief it was over 1,000 and my progesterone level was excellent.  They let me know my due date is September 25th.

So here I am, praying for the best and hoping to give and receive support.  Also, I know this is an intro, but this has been nagging me and worrying me since I found out I was pregnant, I have barely any symptoms at all.  I don't even feel pregnant most of the time.  I find myself getting tired quicker, visiting the bathroom more frequently, and have had 2 bouts of dizziness, but that's it. No sore BB's, no nausea, none of the typical symptoms.  Anyone else experienced this?  I'm so paranoid and am just so worried this is a sign that something is wrong.  

If you read all of this, thank you so much for sticking with it!  I know it was ridiculously long LOL
Me: 25  DH: 24
Me: 4th Grade ELAR Teacher  DH: Police Officer
Married: May 28, 2011
TTC 1st Child since January 2013
1st RE Appt: 8/19/14
Blood Work: 8/26/14
HSG Test: 9/2/14
RE Appt to discuss results and treatment: 9/8/14
Shocking BFP: 9/27/14
D&C: 10/17/14
Benching myself until we fully heal
Unexpected BFP: 1/23/15

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