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14 month keeps waking at the same time 11pm??

For the past two nights our 14 month old has gotten up at 11pm which is unlike him. His bedtime is 7. Nonetheless I give him a bottle and change his diaper. Usually he'd fall asleep right after but that's not happening. He'll cry endlessly. I hold him, and he stops. He then falls asleep in my arms and when I go to lay him in his crib he goes ballistic. This same process continues for some time. Out of sheer exhaust I finally break down and take him in my bed and he falls asleep on my chest. He'll stir a little bit and then he's awake again. He then wants to play.  
Finally I lay him in his crib and stay with him in his room. He eventually cries himself to sleep which is around 4am! 
But then he's wide awake at 6:00am?

His molars are coming in but don't think its teething because he'd be in pain and fussy during the day as well if that was the case. 
My husband said maybe it has to do with his development. In the past month he's started to walk. 
Anyone else experience this? or have any thoughts to share on possibly why he keeps waking? 

oh yea - he naps just fine during the day. 

a very confused and FATIGUED mum

Re: 14 month keeps waking at the same time 11pm??

  • My almost 14 month has been having more frequent wake ups too. I wouldn't rule teething out. Ever since DS started teething back in like July, he has ALWAYS been worse at night since he is tired. And with the walking it's probably a combination of the two.
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  • Oh, your son my son?;)
    Seriously, same think happening here. M is also 14 mo.
    I would think it has to do with their development.
    M points toward my bedroom in the MOTN but I usually stay in his nursery with him in my arms and both fell asleep on the rocking chair!
    Good luck momma, hang in there, you are not alone! Plus, he wants YOU!;)
    What a great feeling;)
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  • Not Teething:  If it's not teething could it be wanting more practice (for a new skill) or parenting (in general) time?

    Teething:  If you try Tylenol or a similar thing and your DS is calm in 20min (rather than an hour) that could be a clue it's pain related (or not).  I don't notice my kids teething during the day (just drool, not mood).  But nighttime is a beast for us (with teething or colds).  It was so rough with DD when she got her molars (14 months), that we started co-sleeping with her.  My DS is 14 months now and we co-sleep anyhow, but he's been up and "playing" from 2-4 am every other night this week - I blame the 3(!) teeth coming in at once.  There is a class instructor who's getting her wisdom teeth in and she says she's busy enough during the day not to notice, but evenings and nights are horrendous.  She says she has complete and utter sympathy for babes and toddlers.

    In any case, most things pass in a week (or two).  Hang in there.

    DH just took the kids, so I'm off to take a nap... ;)

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  • It might be the start of an ear infection. My son started doing this and after a week we went to the pediatrician and sure enough double ear infections. His pedi said it was most likely caused by teething. He's got some molars coming in and his pedi was pretty convinced the two were related. Hugs to you. It's not fun but this too shall pass. Hope you get some sleep soon!
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