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Baptism/dedication outfit?

Hi mamas, is anybody having their little one baptized or dedicated? I am wondering if you have an outfit picked out for them to wear already? If so, care to share what they will be wearing? I have a little girl that I need to find an outfit for...

Re: Baptism/dedication outfit?

  • DD1 used the outfit I wore when I was baptized as a baby, so I figure I will use it again for DD2 ;)
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  • Will use the. CHristenig gown that DD1 used.

    i love you, my little mooncake mahal kita
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  • kbl13kbl13 member
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    I bought E this sweater dress from baby gap - she is getting baptized tomorrow
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  • We're using DH's grandfathers baptismal gown that is originally from Ireland. DD will be the 4th generation to wear it. I love that it has such great family tradition/history.
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  • A friend at church knit Little Man a white cardigan he'll probably wear. Other than that, just something nice, I think. We have an Easter outfit. Don't now if he'll fit into any of the clothes I have picked out by then. His dedication/blessing is mother's day.
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