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Intro-and question!

hello everyone!
I am new to board and thought I'd bend your ear while I introduce myself! my name's Kate and I'm the mother of two amazing little boys! My oldest is 3 with a Dx of autism/PDD and my youngest just turned 1 and is developmentally normal! We live in NewEngland and with today's temperatures I am completely regretting that choice at that moment. We are a therapy driven family and eager to get some feedback from parents who have "been there, done that" with their kids in similar situations!

Anyway, we have a lot of history already with therapy for my son as we worked with birth to three from 15 months on. We have since placed him in an intergraded preschool with peer models and special needs children. He receives special Ed services at school including speech. We also privately pay for him to receive additional speech weekly and OT. We recently took him to a new OT and they introduced "therapeutic listening" I had never heard of it up to this point. It seems like an intriguing idea (if it works) my question is rather a feedback request: has anyone tried this with their child? Positive, negative, indifferent results? What music did you start with, how often did you switch the cd's or albums?

Thanks in advance!

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