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My test results

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So I haven't had the Dr. appt yet, just got the test results online. Here's what I got:
Sorry for the cut and paste but it's a lot of crap to rewrite.  I'm CD 20, although I'm stupid and it was supposed to be on 21, 22, or 23 (I swear I'm losing my mind lately), so I don't know if I need to go back on Monday and redo it?

normal range my score
Estimated average glucose:  85 - 126 mg/dL 114
Hgb A1c %:    4.6 - 6.0 % 5.6
progesterone     didn't give a normal 6.2
Prolactin 3 - 30 ng/mL 15
TSH 0.10 - 5.50 uIU/mL 2.84

So as far as I can tell, everything looks normal except progesterone. In my search on progesterone, post ovulation you should be between 5 and 20, but it said ideally it would be over 10. The only thing is that i'm not sure I actually ovulated this month, bc the monitor, opks and temp didn't really show it. So, either I just generally have low progesterone, which maybe is my problem, or it's low because I never actually ovulated.  Depending on what MH's test results show, I'm wondering if they'll just have me redo next month or do something about the progesterone issue. Anyone else had experience with blood tests? Also, there's the whole issue of me doing the test on the wrong day, but you know, can't change that now.
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    Can't give much insight but I know progesterone goes up after ovulation. If you didn't do the bloodwork the correct days past O then they really aren't accurate.
    But hopefully our members that know more than me will chime in though.

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    I've had lots of blood work but I honestly don't know about these numbers. I'm more familiar with the CD1-3 stuff (AMH, etc).

    I am having my progesterone tested Tuesday so maybe I'll hear some feedback on that. (I'm pretty closely monitored this cycle) But if you're not sure you have ovulated yet that could be the reason for a low number. I hope you get some good info from your dr and DH results.
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    Not much wisdom to add - I have my first RE appt tomorrow but am impressed they had you do your blood work BEFORE the appt - seems much more efficient than mine! I get annoyed that they assume I can take time off work anytime for 'consult' appts. I too am suspecting low progesterone levels for me but that's just random googling and self diagnosing so we ll the meantime I've gotten a bit fanatic about avoiding plastics and any hormone added foods in an effort to naturally balance my hormones. Although my epidemiologist friends tell me those trace amts can't really make much diff. Good luck and keep us posted!
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