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3 day juice cleanse while TTC?

Thinking about trying a juice cleanse for 3 days as I have heard they could help with fertility? Has anyone tried these and is it safe while TTC? I'm in my ovulation stage this week so we have been trying this week but wouldn't start the cleanse til Sun or mon. Would love thoughts and recommendations before I decide to do it or not. Want to make sure it would be ok.


This is the cleanse.

Re: 3 day juice cleanse while TTC?

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    Hmmmm sounds unhealthy, have you consulted your Dr about doing it? Most cleanses means not eating and that would drive me nuts. Ask your Dr but my gut says not to do it.
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    I see now after clicking your link that you are in fact allowed to eat so that's good. I guess if you are going to do it just make sure you aren't starving yourself. You need to be healthy to up your chances of conceiving so anything that came close to malnutrition I would seriously question, however if you continue to eat and just drink juice per this cleanse and it's all natural and healthy choices then I guess I see nothing wrong with that.
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    Yeah The more I think about it probably is not a good idea. @rspalding001‌ I thought the same thing as you that you can eat but I feel like it's really hard on your body and I'm now thinking it probably is a better thing to do months before someone is TTC.
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    I would not recommend it. 


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