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Hi new moms. I have a question for you guys. I am trying to registered for my baby (due in June) and I can't find any good answers on whether I should get one of those hard baby tubs or one of the soft baby pads. Do you guys absolutely love one of the other? Please share. Thanks for your thoughts. 

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    We have a hard baby tub that has worked great. It's easy to clean
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    I use a mesh seat I found at target. It reclines back and so far it has been good. I almost got the tub with sling the PP posted.
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    I have found the tinier more soft tub works better for my newborn. The other hard one seemed to hard and I always worried about him slipping
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    I have the fisher price whale tub. LO and I love it.
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    I have a Blooming Bath, it's really great and you can use the kitchen sink.
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    Thanks everyone! You've all been really helpful. 
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    I have a blooming bath as well, and we like it!
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    We have this monstrosity (two-sided hard tub) but it is great if you have the space:

    We have a spare bathroom where it lives, so we don't worry about where to put it away.

    We also have a hand-me-down Tummy Tub that LO's cousins loooved but she is not in love with it. She'd rather lie down in the big tub. We put a towel under her so it doesn't get slippery.
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    I absolutely love our tub.  We don't have a lot of storage so this is perfect for us, especially when we travel too.  I only had to buy a sponge mat to put in it so DS doesn't slide all over.
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