TTC after 35

Fabulous Friday!!!

Sorry this is late. It has been crazy busy!


What is your real or imagined drink for the end of the day today???

What are your plans for the weekend?
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Re: Fabulous Friday!!!

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    Mine is imaginary again. I think I'll go for something fruity. Nearby they make Bikini Tinis. I don't know what's in it but it's good!

    No exciting plans. Lots of family (extended stuff). We are having a couple over for dinner tomorrow and playing board games which will be fun.
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    ladydc78ladydc78 member
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    Oh man I'd love a margarita on the rocks with the big salt on the rim from my favorite Mexican place! Sigh... imaginary. That drink alway makes winter cold outside disappear ! Dh and I are gonna try some skiing on Sunday my first time out this year so we will be taking it easy.
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    I'm imaginary drinking this weekend but my drink will be imaginary rum and coke in honor of the fabulous @BeckyP005 and her beautiful Mia.

    Hopefully I will hit the gym this weekend. I was supposed to have two cakes to make but one got postponed to next weekend so I'm down to one. I'm happy about that because now I can take my time with it. Only bad thing is I probably won't be doing anything for Super Bowl.

    Cheers ladies.

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    All welcome

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    Imaginary beer for me - maybe a stone smoked porter tonight? 

    Superbowl party on sunday (if not successful AF will arrive in the next couple of days so maybe as a consolation i will get that beer for real on super bowl sunday :-/
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    I could actually drink wine tonight since I'm on CD3, however husband is out of town for work and it would probably be really irresponsible to drink when I'm the only one here with my daughter. So I guess it's imaginary wine for me! Sigh.... Oh well. Plans for this weekend include taking my daughter to a birthday party for one of her day care friends and trying to clean house while she naps. Super exciting stuff over here!
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    I'll go for an imaginary mai tai please!
    IUI 2 days in a row with a cervix that seems to not want me to get pregnant.
    I think he used everything in his arsenal today and told me that I was the most difficult insemination he's ever done.
    So glad I could give him a challenge.
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