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PLEASE help contradicting info

Hello all. I am curious if anyone has ever been on this site:


I found them on facebook and now after reading it I am thinking I have been doing things all wrong. I have been cloth diapering for now 3.5 years with the same routine and the same BG pocket diapers which by the way don't have any stains and don't stink and elastic and such look like brand new diapers. Haha as Im writing this I think I am answering my own question.

Is this information correct? It says Rockin green detergent is ineffective and that's all I have used. no stripping with dawn and that's all I have used when needed( not very often). I have never used bleach, but it says to. I know there is so much contradicting information out there and everyone does it differently but after reading some of the articles it makes sense.


I am always looking for new information and trying to grow but I don't want to do something to ruin my diapers. Please help........



Re: PLEASE help contradicting info

  • Hey @Critter015‌ long time no see. Do you know where to find us?

  • The only info that is remotely correct is the part about not stripping with blue dawn, especially not in the washer. Dawn should only be used to spot treat where non-cd safe diaper creans have gotten on the diapers.

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    I'm a fan of The Cloth Diaper Tech Support group on Facebook
  • Answered your own question :)
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  • I found this site, too. I was going to read more there.... I have been CD about a month, so am needing help, and this place is pretty empty now :-(
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  • The general consensus on this board is that those people are clueless and are ruining their diapers and sometimes also their bathtubs. If you haven't had issues just stick to what you are doing. There are lots of people who use Rockin' Green and have no problems, but like any detergent there are people that it does not work for because everyone has different water, washing machines, etc.

    I'm new to this whole cd thing but in my local area we have a boutique called the diaper lab and they act as a resource and community also. They provide written instructions and sell everything one would ever need to cd. Since i have no previous exo r incentives with this, I trust them. Mind you I've been cross referencing with manufactures instructions and researching online. everything I've read on their fb site is in contrast to what research and also with people i know personally who still cloth diaper does. Those who are successful just keep wash routines simple and use an, eco friendly detergent, so that what I will do until I need to adjust and usually I hear it's too much detergent or the wrong type of detergent....idk. I'm jus saying.
  • Personally I am not a fan of rocking green. I ended up with an ammonia build up on my diapers. I don't strip with dawn or use bleach either. Like a PP stated. Water type and washing machine type will affect what detergent is effective for you.

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  • Hey, if you have been doing this for over 3 years and have no issues, keep doing what you are doing!

    I have been cd'ing for 17 months and had a bumpy beginning. The Fluff Love & CD Science group (that website's Facebook group) saved me from giving up.
    So, again, do what works best for you. The tips I got from that group are working really well for me.
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