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Maybe false alarm maybe not? *update in comments**

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This is not a question just a rant ha. I'm 39 weeks. I walked into the bathroom to take a bath, felt a little pop which was followed by a gush of liquid. Immediately thought my water had broken. When I went to go clean it up it was yellow and smelled like pee so I ruled out water breaking and decided I had dramatically peed myself haha. Well then I laid in bed for 30 minutes paranoid that my water had broken and all the pressure caused me to pee myself at the same time. Long story short I'm waiting for my neighbor to get here to take me to L&D since the DH is on 24 hour duty. I'm gonna feel incredibly stupid and superbly embarrassed when I confirm that this is a false alarm and I just peed myself all over the bathroom floor lol. I hate the unknown of the last few weeks of pregnancy.
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Re: Maybe false alarm maybe not? *update in comments**

  • Lol that's funny.  But what will be even funnier is if it turns out you're actually in labor.  Then you'll have an interesting birth story to share. 

    And since you mention your DH being on 24 hour duty, I'm guessing he's military.  My husbandman is military too and is on duty this week.  His biggest fear has been that I will go in labor while he's on rounds and unable to answer the phone.  So far, we're good!

  • Yes he is military @JessicaH1020‌ and my hubby is scared of the same thing ha. I'm due 2/6 and they put him on duty today, 2/7 and 2/11 haha. I'm like for real? And he hasn't had duty in forever now they decide to load him up with duty days lol, great timing.
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  • @JessicaH1020‌ @tlglass91‌

    How funny. My husband is military too. And on 24 hr duty today. I've been dreading this day. Hoping nothing happens. So far so good!

    Wishing you luck and keep us posted!
  • Today must be the day for 24 hour duty lol!! Mine is too! And don't worry @tlglass91‌ if it is a false alarm.. You aren't the only one to pee yourself in the bathroom! I did and my dog got so ticked at me when she stepped in it. X_X
  • Aaaannnd I did the same thing. ☺️ False alarm. But the nurses were very nice and didn't make fun of me. To my face. Lol.
  • @tlglass91 WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!?
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  • Nothing like a good ol' dramatic peeing! ;) hang in there!
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    tlglass91[Deleted User]
  • Aww better safe then sorry.
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  • When my sisters water broke.. She called me and her exact words were... I don't know what if my water broke or I hardcore peed myself. I'm just waiting for my moment, haha.
  • No judgment here @tlglass91‌! I'm worried the same thing will happen to me, aww the joys of pregnancy.
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  • tlglass91 said:

    Hey everyone!! I just got back home! I dramatically peed myself hahaha. Oh what a night it's been... Oh and I'm not even dilated 1 cm. which I know means nothing but is also semi discouraging considering I'm less then a week away from my due date as of an hour ago lol. This little guy is gonna wait till the last possible second to come out. When I called DH he asked how much longer it would be. So I told him I would be pregnant for the rest of our lives haha. I guess I better just sit back, relax, and maybe wear a depends in case I pee myself again................

    Depends are nothing to be ashamed of at this point lol :wink:
    No worries I am in the same boat as far as dilation. I'm due 2/4, and I keep telling my husband that this baby is just like him. He's just going to sit there until someone forces him out! Lol but my husbands military too and in a different state for the next 6 months :( We are going to try and FaceTime the delivery. He's not allowed to take his paternal leave, so he's just coming home for the weekend once the baby is born. My mom lives down the road (I moved early this month to be close to her) so I just keep calling her, "do you think this is it?!" Lol
  • I still have most of a pack of Depends in my car from this pregnancy. As of DD 2, they're a traditional car item from 36 weeks until the end since my family apparently has a tradition of starting labor via water breaking.
  • Oh no, hopefully it happens for real soon!!! I feel like a little kid, I hear water and I uncontrollably pee a little. It's the worst. At least we can giggle at ourselves.
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    I haf the same thing happend to me its like.i go to the bathroom and pee and 3 to 4 minutes later water started coming out i tought maybe my water had broken i went to hospital i was okay. So.yesss i did pee in my shorts it happens baby is pushing on your bladder..
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    Im 37 weeks pregnant . it was false alarm. But its always better to go check yourself out especially of youre a first time mommy
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