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So today was my son's two week check up and we just don't know what to do about some of the advice we were given. First of all, he was born 6lbs 6oz and 19inches. At his first appointment at four days old he dropped to 5lbs 15oz. The ped said he should be back up to his birth weight by his two week appointment, which he almost was. He weighed in at 6lbs 5oz and 20 inches long today. I was so happy, then the ped dropped dropped a bombshell on me by saying "ok well we are definitely going to start supplementing(with formula)." I asked why and reminded him he IS back up to his birth weight. He said well he is an oz off, and has no fat deposits on his feet or cheeks. He then said he was scrawny, he actually used the word scrawny! He explained that my milk production might not be up to par, or my son might not be putting out the effort to suck the milk. He said we need to offer him 2oz of formula after every feeding. I asked if i was to pump (more than i am now) between feedings could i supplement him with that? He said yes of course but also do the formula. We really do not want to start formula, especially so soon...shouldn't we try to get my supply up first? Or supplement with my milk that i pump between feedings? I am so upset, it's like "ok you failed so give up and go to formula" i feel like i'm failing as a parent.

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  • From what I've learned on here it shouldn't be a problem as long as LO is having enough wet/dirty diapers. But I'm no expert and could be completely wrong. Someone with more knowledge may be of better help...
  • You're not failing as a parent, do not ever feel that way. It could be that the ped wants to supplement with formula to help kick start his weight gain and give him a little something extra to help out until he starts to "even out" with his weight gain. 2 oz isn't much and it shouldn't affect your LO's preference. Using the term scrawny is a little crass. Best of luck to you and don't feel like because you supplement with formula too that you are a failure, you're doing what needs to be done so that your little bundle will be healthy and happy.
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  • Yeah that is what i have read and been told too. He has about 3-4 dirty diapers and about 8 wet diapers a day. We told the ped that too but it didn't seem to matter. :(
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    First, you're not a failure. It sounds like you're doing great to have your son pretty much up to his birth weight!

    We had some similar advice given to us by a doctor at our pediatrician's office. We ended up supplementing with formula once or twice but then used my breastmilk to supplement after that and it worked out fine. A few days later we saw a LC and she worked out a plan with us to make sure our daughter was latching correctly and getting enough milk. Under the LC's plan, we continued supplementing with my own breastmilk for a couple of weeks til we were sure my daughter was getting enough from nursing. It was a long few weeks but it was worth it. And my LC knew the doctor who gave us that advice of supplementing with formula and she said to "consider the source". Needless to say some doctors are more pro breastfeeding than others.

    So long story short, I would see an LC to make sure the baby's getting enough. And based on my experience I think you can supplement with your own milk. Good luck!

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  • First of - I am a huge supporter of formula when it's needed or chosen. My DD1 needed it to live.

    I also don't support glorifying BM and BFing as the ultimate achievement, even though now I EBF my DD2.

    But even I feel that your ped is being weird about this. What rule or law says that they have to regain every oz or else??? My DD2 was off by a couple of oz at 2weeks BUT since over time she showed weight gain, our doc said to give it more time.

    She said that often peds get stuck on only numbers where in reality weight gain is not a stair step, there could be zero gain one day, a few oz another. And over the course of a week the total average is fine.

    We were told that at 1 week of age. At 2 weeks we saw a different doc and sice DD2 hasn't regained she used the term 'less than ideal weight gain' which freaked me out and I was ready to break out that can of formula to supplement. But then at her 1 month check she had gained almost 2 lbs over birth weight so obviously given some time everything evened out!

    If your baby is having good diaper output why not give it another week and go in for another weight check? Not a weighted feeding, a nurse appt for a weight check?

  • You could nurse and have a bottle of formula or BM with just an ounce to offer after nursing to top her off a bit but without hurting your supply and helping her gain a bit of weight.
    Her weight gain actually seems pretty great over all and not much to worry about so do t stress.
    It is cold and flu season so if she does catch a bug her weight would go down a bit.
    Keep nursing and do what your doing go by your new mommy gut for what you want to do, it's all about trial and error especially with breast feeding;) good luck
  • Oh man, I would switch doctors. You want someone who makes you feel comfortable! I recently switched and am so much happier. Also, my baby was very slow growing at first and he wasn't up to his birth weight till three weeks or so. I didn't supplement, but I did encourage nursing more after that appointment and he suddenly gained a pound over the next week. I agree with PP to see an LC if you can. They will weigh the baby after a feeding so you can see how much he is actually getting.
  • I would find a new pedi asap, and definitely see a LC. You are not a failure!
  • We had a tongue tie and pumped breast milk and bottle fed until we had the tongue ties sorted out. My pedi said formula, but my LC said pumped bm with a bottle does the exact same thing.

    If you are pumping and getting enough milk to top off after a feeding, it serves the same purpose. You are the mom. Your call. Good luck!!!!
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  • I'd be really unhappy with my pedi. Scrawny is a terrible word to use, esp on a newborn.

    Dd was born at 9.1 and dropped a good bit. She took awhile to learn to latch and she fought feedings at first. We just did a few extra weigh ins. It took 3.5 weeks to get back to birth weight. I was about to see an LC at 2.5-3weeks when she settled right in to nursing and gaining happened.

    I think if you do add a bottle it should be pumped milk (nothing wrong with formula but no point in using it when you're making milk.)

    And I'd highly suggest checking out a weighed feed with an LC. That could be insightful.

    You are NOT a failure of a parent. Believe me, you have plenty of time for that when they are throwing a tantrum at 2 because they want the pink plate and you give it to them just to make the tantrum stop
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  • I was told formula fed babies and breast fed babies have different growth patterns. Is he comparing your baby to other breast fed babies or is he comparing your baby to formula fed babies? I personally would get another opinion... I have learned from other mom's that not many doctors actually advocate breast feeding and will try anything to switch a breastfed baby to formula... I haven't got the slightest idea why though
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