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Upon discharge, I was told not to take a bath for six weeks. I don't recall being told to only shower after giving birth to my dd1, so this was new to me. I am dying for a soak with a glass of wine. Ok, maybe not exactly dying. Anyhow, after a Google search, I haven't found any real reason that would prohibit me from taking a bath. My delivery was really uncomplicated with minimal tearing. Was anybody else advised not to take a bath?
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Re: Baths?

  • I was told at my 1 week post-op appt that I'm fine to take a bath.
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  • I was also encouraged to sit in a bath. I have heard to not use things like bubble bath though, just in case it can cause infection/irritation when you're still healing.
  • Yeah, I've read online too that it may be encouraged to take a bath. Hmmm
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  • Both times I have been told no baths for 6 weeks.
  • I know I was told that with my first (c section) but I also know they often recommend sitz baths after delivery which doesnt seem all that different to me. Pretty sure I had short baths well before 6 weeks even after my c section. I wouldn't use bubbles or anything though.
  • I had 4th degree tearing and I was told to do sitz baths or regular baths upon discharge to help with healing.
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  • That's interesting, I have never heard no baths. I had a csection and was actually told to take baths, I wouldn't think a vaginal would be much different


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  • I was told to do sitz baths regular after both deliveries. They really helped last time with my 3rd/4th degree tear. This time I really feel okay? But baths are so relaxing that I have been looking forward to taking one.

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  • I also was told not to take baths for a while. When I asked why, they said because I could still be dilated for some time and water could go inside.
  • I've also been told no baths for 6 weeks. It's to prevent infection. When the placenta detaches it leaves an open wound in your uterus. Introducing bath water (and whatever else) can cause problems.
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  • I was told no baths for 6 weeks but I think it was because I had a C-section.  I am dying for one too!  PS- you can still have the glass of wine without the bath :)
  • I was told to take a bath. They had me take one in the hospital even. I don't stay in Long though.
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  • There is a lot of conflicting info on this. Generally the hospital staff not my doctor said no baths for 6 weeks. I waited 2 weeks before I took a shallow bath mostly covered the butt area to prevent infection in the vagina. I didn't have a large tear I would have waited longer if I had a larger year.
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