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cloth from birth for mom & baby

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I need some advice and experience as I am going to be a FTM.

I am getting lots of advice from my sister (3 babies, stoppef clorh w her 3rd) and just feel it doesn't fit with what I want, and there HAS to be other ways than what she is telling me.

1. I am allergic to all disposable diapers including organic, and also feminine products.

2. I am allergic to wool.

3. My hospital is cloth friendly but we have to bring in take out.

Okay.... I am planning on doing prefolds from birth. Which my sister says will ruin my cloth because of the muconium. I don't think that is true?

I am also planning on using some prefolds I don't like (feel super thin) as extra padding for homemade mama cloth since I can't use the hospital disposables. She thinks I am insane and should just put some fabric between me and the disposable.

Is it hard to do cloth from day one?

Any mama's out there do cloth for themselves from day one after delivery?
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Re: cloth from birth for mom & baby

  • They are out there....but you won't find them here. Look for hints in the signatures on other threads for how to reach them.

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  • I have not tried mama cloth yet but plan on making my own postpartum. There are plenty WAHM pads for postpartum on etsy if what you're planning on using doesn't work out. As far as meconium on your prefolds, you can always use a liner. Cut up cotton tshirts could work just fine and should not unravel due to their weave. Cloth from birth is definitely doable :)
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  • I cant answer to the mama cloth but I do know that meconium will not ruin your diapers. I good tip I heard was to put some coconut oil on the diapers, the meconium comes right off. 
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  • I used cloth from birth for baby, straight on the bum, no meconium staining (came out with normal diaper wash routine). I was admitted 48h, threw them in the wash when I got home, easy peasy. Newborns don't use as many diapers the first couple days anyway, it picks up when the milk comes in. And if the hospital needs to track output (like for preemies or weight loss) you can weigh the diaper vs a dry diaper. I didn't do mama cloth til much later, but I would use it postpartum next time.
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  • Worst case scenario: meconim stains a prefold that was designed to catch human waste. Not a problem in my opinion. Use a warm water rinse and dry in the sun to fade the possible stain if it bothers you, or wait for it to fade on it's own.
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