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Who else has a spitter? How are you handling it?

does anyone else have a breastfed baby that spits up a lot after a feeding? My little guy didn't seem to do this very often until the past week. He will be 4 weeks old saturday. He seems to spit up quite a bit with every feeding. Any suggestions? Or advice?

Re: Who else has a spitter? How are you handling it?

  • Mine does! A ton! It's frustrating. My doctor said if you have a strong let down, to pull baby off the boob during let down so it doesn't shoot down their throat. Also, nursing lying down on your back so baby has to suck more for the milk, my doctor said this helps decrease baby swallowing air. Smaller, but more frequent nursing sessions can help as well. My DD was a spitter as well and she outgrew it at 4 months. We've started a prescription now as my DS is very uncomfortable during his episodes.
  • Me too. And it's not every time he eats either. Sometimes he burps, sometimes no. Sometimes it's right away, sometimes it's an hour later. There is no rhyme or reason to it. We have a dr appt next week, well baby, so I'll ask about it there.
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  • Yup, I have a spitter too. Today, I had to dress her four times, due to spit-up episodes. And when I say four times, I mean four times consecutively. Each time I would get a shirt on her, she would spit-up. I pretty much wear baby spit-up all day. My dd was the same way. They eventually grow out of it.
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  • @MrsDigger10‌ what is block feeding?
  • So happy to see we're not alone here, DD is a huge spitter but it doesn't seem to bother her at all, we just go through a lot of bibs/clothes during the day lol
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