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Questions for Csection moms...

Just curious...

1. How long did you bleed after csection?
2. If breast feeding, how long after csection did milk come in?

So, for question 1...this was my 3rd csection last Thursday. I stopped bleeding 4 days after csection and that was very unexpected, given what I remember with the first 2 and also that the dr said I would bleed 2 weeks. Just curious others experience.

And question 2... 7 days post csection now and my milk has yet to come in which has forced me to supplement formula quite a bit and little guy has no interest in nursing because my milk isn't flowing out as fast as a bottle does. So, how long did it take your milk to come in? Should I give up or hold out a bit longer? I called dr, I am taking 3 fenugreek 3x a day and also drinking mothers mill tea and eating oatmeal. I try nursing every 2 to 3 hours and then I pump after, producing a crappy 15 to 20 ml in a 20 minute pumping session. Depressing!


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Re: Questions for Csection moms...

  • My csection was one week ago. I bleed for 4 days and milk came in 4 days post csection.
  • I was just about to Google how long you bleed after a c-section! This is my second, and I think I bled for 2 weeks with my first. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks, and I am still using a pad....it's minimal bleeding, but still there. As for breastfeeding, I didn't feel like my milk came in with my first, so I gave up after a week and formula fed her. With this LO, I started bf'ing right away, but had to supplement in the hospital because she was slightly jaundiced and wasn't gaining enough weight. After each bf'ing session (20 min on each side), I would still need to give her 2 oz of formula because she was still hungry. We are now up to 4 oz each time, so I think I am done with bf'ing. My breasts never feel engorged, and the times I've pumped, I only get a total of 1 oz for both sides combined. I am sad, but at least I did it for a month, which is better than nothing. But the stress and pain isn't worth it to me...I'd rather spend time with my newborn that is changing every day!
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  • I'm almost 3 weeks post csection and I still have bleeding off and on.

    My milk came in on day 6. I didn't even get to attempt to BF until more than 24hrs after LO was born. He was in the NICU for the first day. I didn't even get to pump. He was being fed formula in the NICU. Then he was jaundice and they had me supplementing after nursing. They told me to keep doing that until my milk was in, which happened the day after we went home. We immediately stopped supplementing at that point.

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  • I had mine a week ago and still have light bleeding. My doctor said it could take up to 6 weeks to 100% stop. My milk came in on day 4. One of the nurses said to do as much skin to skin as possible to help kickstart milk production. I did that all day while in the hospital.
  • My c section was 6 days ago. Still having light bleeding, so glad I'm not passing clots anymore. Still haven't pooped - that part is the worst. I almost don't even want to eat now... using stool softeners, coffee and miralax daily. Milk came in on day 3, full force. I was lucky to be able to breastfeed and have skin to skin less than an hour after her birth - maybe that helped?
  • Thanks ladies! Yeah I'm feeling helpless in the breastfeeding area. They actually let me do skin to skin during my csection right after they cleaned him up they put him on me and he stayed there til surgery was over :) i do skin to skin every time I attempt to bf, but yea getting nothing. Going for my lactation appointment right now so hopefully will get some answers or suggestions...otherwise I give up.


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  • Im only one week out but having very light bleeding at this point. Milk came in after two days but they told me that was extremely rare. They also let me do skin to skin during my c section.


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  • 10 days post c-section and only having a little bleeding.  Not really enough to wear a pad, more a panty liner but I stocked up on pads before baby was born so I'm using them up.

    Milk came in on day 5, just in time to stop the panic that was about to consume me.
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  • 9 days post c/s and still bleeding. 

    Milk came in on day 5.
    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • I'm a FTM so no previous experience but here's where I'm at.

    C section was 13 days ago.

    Milk started to come in about day 3 while still in the hospital but it was JUST starting.

    Blleeding was weird for me, I only REALLY bleed onto a pad for like 3 days then it was only messy when I wiped. After that it's been on n off for the other 10 days, mostly just when I wiped but occasionally have something on the pad. I'm still wearing a pad now but I probably don't need to.
  • 9 days post 2nd c section - still wearing a pad bc I get gushes of blood when I bf or pump and when I put in my Bellani gurdle thing which I started wearing yesterday. Like another pp said the not pooping was the worst for me and yesterday on day 8 I gave in and had a suppository, pretty miserable but it did the trick. My
    Milk came in day 2 which was early and I get about 2.5 ounces of milk per pump sesh...but lo has rough time latching so trying to work on that now
  • 2 weeks post c section & still bleeding but very lightly. Milk came in 4 days after delivery
  • 3.5 weeks post C-section and still bleeding lightly. My milk came in at 2.5 days.
  • I'm at 9 days and still counting for the bleeding. But it's slowing down. My milk came in after 2.5 days.
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  • 6 days post section. Still very light bleeding, thinking it will stop very soon. Milk came in 2 days after and she's been a champ at nursing. Dealing with some engorgement but that's getting better every day
  • Thanks again ladies. Went to my lactation appointment and apparently my milk is in...a lousy 20 ml is all I get every 2 to 3 hours. We are going to try having me pump every hour now to see if I can build a supply, if not she thinks I may have hormonal or thyroid problems because she is saying I am doing everything possible to be successful. Talk about a huge disappointment. Third and probably final baby and I feel like I am failing...trying to keep my chin up but it's hard that's for sure!


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  • @mali3‌ I'm sorry- don't feel like a failure- I certainly did with my dd but she was formula fed aside from the little milk I was able to pump and she's a very smart little girl who has had barely a sniffle her whole life. You do what you can :D
  • You are not a failure! Stay positive, even if u end up formula feeding, that's ok! The most important thing is for ur LO to be healthy, fed and growing, no matter how they get the food. This whole mom gig is so tough n ur doing a great job, never let anyone tell u different :-)
  • I had bleeding for a couple of weeks. Milk came in on day 5.
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  • 12 days later and I'm still bleeding. It's not heavy, and quite random. My milk took around 5 days to cone in.
  • 15 days after C-section and I am still bleeding. Weird thing was that I didn't bleed for 48 hrs following surgery. So it's been 13 days but def lighter now.

    My milk never really came in. We got off to a bad start initially having major latch issues and was left with cracked and bleeding nipples. Met with two lactation consultants in hospital and tried pumping and BF using nipple shield. Nothing was being produced pumping so we were forced to start supplementing with formula. When we got home from the hospital, I continued pumping. I would get only 2 oz a day- this is after 6-7 pumping sessions of 20 min each. So discouraging. There was one day where my boobs felt engorged and I cont pumping and still no more than few drops would come out.

    A few days ago I finally fully gave into formula. This was after many crying spells and feelings of inadequacy. I am now moving past that and accepting this decision to move on. I totally understand where some of you ladies are coming from. We can only do so much.

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  • 12 days post c section... Still bleeding but not a lot. Milk came in on day 4 but milk supply was inadequate... Currently formula feeding.

    What is odd is that I still feel the fundus highet of my uterus slightly below my belly button. Does it really take that long for the uterus to shrink and descend below the pelvic bone?
  • @valm999 I am feeling the same thing. I'm 4 weeks post c section and I can still feel my uterus right below belly button and a hard spot? Can anyone verify how long it takes after C section?
  • This is my first post on J15 as I was due 2/7 but baby was born via c-section at 36w6d due to low amniotic fluid.
    My c-section was 16 days ago and I'm still bleeding randomly. I'm still using the heavy pad but only because I bought too many. I could probably use panty liners and not have any accidents. I've pretty much moved to the brown blood stage.
    As for milk, my story is a bit different. Since LO was a bit early, his glucose was low for the first 12 hours-ish so we started supplementing right away. I was able to begin skin to skin in the OR and baby was able to latch for the first time in the recovery room. My milk started coming in just barely on day 3 as we were being released. The lactation consultant had us breastfeeding, supplementing, and pumping and the most I ever got when pumping was an oz each side but LO was eating a full 2 oz of formula even after breastfeeding for 10 minutes each side. When LO was 5 days old I started vomiting and was very weak. Breastfeeding and pumping made me nauseous and 2 days later I was admitted to the hospital for anemia and received a blood transfusion. I tried to pump that day I was in the hospital but got very little. 3 days after I was released, I had an ulcer eat it's way through my stomach, had emergency surgery, and was in the hospital for 4 more days. I didn't even try to breastfeed or pump as I was so weak and on so many meds. I'm pretty sure my breastfeeding days are behind me and we are just formula feeding now. This makes me very emotional at times because I feel like my body is working against my plans. But I know what is best is that my baby is getting food.
    We are taught breast is best which I do believe 99% of the time. But 100% of the time a healthy momma and baby is best no matter how the feeding happens.
    Stay strong mommas and know you are doing what is best for your baby ❤️

    Sorry this post was so long and I kind of went off on a tangent but maybe my story will help someone at some point.
  • Almost day 4 since c-section Rogan was born 39 weeks 1 day. C-section because the cord was wrapped around his foot and body so every time I would contract or push his heart rate dropped so after around 18 hours of labor they decided the safest way would be c-section my milk started to come in yesterday morning and was fully in this morning but we almost weren't discharged from the hospital last night because of his billyrubin levels were high and now my breasts are getting engorged and I am still breast feeding but scared I might have to turn to formula he latched very well but if my boobs get anymore engorged he won't be able to feed but other than feeding issues my incision is almost not noticeable and I'm feeling more human again but uterus still feels high
  • I'm almost 4 weeks post section and have occasional spotting so I'm wearing a liner just in case!

    As for milk, it came in the day of section (I started bf in recovery) and full force the next day. I used the hospitals pump while there to ease engorgement and by the time we were being discharged I had pumped over 24oz in addition to bf. I still like to pump during the day to help with minor engorgement & keep a big supply (we've had some issues with Lucy throwing up after feelings sometimes) so I want to make sure I'm always ready!

    I've found raspberry leaf tea helps, maybe it's more psychological at this point. My lactation consultant warned against mothers milk tea as it increases risk of hemorrhages.
  • I am about three weeks out.  I am still bleeding, but it is light.

    I think my milk came in around day three or 4.  She had colostrom  before that and now nurses every few hours. 
  • My c section was a month and 4 days, still bleeding a bit but my doctor told me is because the babies are fb the uterus is going back to the original size that causes the bleeding. Milk came in the first day but my mother told me to use barley pourage. It helps to make breast milk.
  • I just want to add a quick update and say that now two weeks out I am bleeding more now than I have in the past.  Still well within "normal" but it's a good thing I stocked up on pads and not panty liners.
    After 8 yrs of ttc little one is due Jan. 28

    Big brother is excited to meet this little one!

  • Csec on the 14th. My milk came in 3 days in. Stopped bleeding before I left the hospital but it started up again 2 weeks PP.
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