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ER Trip

Sorry I have not been around recently.  We are getting ready for the move this weekend!! Well my field trip....Tuesday I started suffering from horrible morning sickness.  (Every time I got sick I just thanked the Lord for a healthy baby) Well, I called my OB to get something called in which they didn't return my call until almost 5:00pm.  They informed me that if I got to where I could not keep liquids down then I needed to go to the ER.  Well, Wednesday rolled around and I still was not feeling the best so I just sipped on a Spirit.  The Spirit decided it didn't want to stay down.  I got my mom to take me to the ER since my hubby is working out of town AGAIN! Luckily he comes home at night though.  They ended up pumping me up with 2 bags of fluids and 1/2 a bag of sugar water, and gave me some meds to help with nausea.  I still have a headache which I think is from not eating for 24hrs and the dehydration.  All is well though. How have you ladies been?

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