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Intro and help needed!

hi, my name is Leslie and I'm very lucky to be the mama to a beautiful happy little girl who just turned 4 months old! Her name is Parker and she's just a joy! I'm a FTM and have zero experience with cloth diapering.

So I was all for disposable diapers, until recently. I have just gotten tired of buying them! So I have decided to give cloth diapering a go and I'm hoping I like it! My DH and I both work full time and LO goes to auntie daycare (she has some experience with cloth diapers so she's fine with whatever style we choose). I need advice. There are SO many different kinds and styles. I watched the first 3 lessons on YouTube from the NaturallyThriftyMom which helped a ton, but I still need more guidance as far as the brands go. After watching the videos the most appealing styles to me were All In One, Pocket, and All In Two.

My goals for cloth diapering are:
1. Ease of use
2. Absorbent (my daughter pees gallons at a time it seems)
3. Not a crazy amount of extra time spent.
4. Cost. I don't need to spend the least amount possible but something reasonable.

What styles do you recommend, and especially what brands?

Re: Intro and help needed!

  • You may want to try a variety of brands and styles before committing to one. You may find that after some use you hate AIO or pockets. Or that you like both. I found a good package on ebay that had a variety of styles and brands (also came with a ton of inserts and 2 wet bags).  I have found I really, really like pockets. Bum Genius are my fav but other brands like Alva, Kawaii and Fuzzibunz have been working for us too. We have one Best Bottom that works but I am not crazy about. I keep in my rotation but won't be buying anymore. I do like AIOs but find them a little cumbersome, but they the BG kind are great for overnight IMO and great at absorption. I guess my point is don't buy ALL pockets, or AIO etc. 

    If you don't feel like buying you can do a rental program with Jillians Drawers and keep want you like and return what you don't. Personally I found a better deal on ebay, but obvisously couldn't return what didn't work. I lucked out and was pretty happy with almost everything I purchase. 
  • I wouldn't write off a style without trying it first. Example, flats are intimidating to consider. However, with a little practice, they become very easy. If you can fold a towel, you can pad fold a flat and use it in a cover and it's no harder than using an AI2.....same is true of trifolded prefolds. Also remember that baby's body shape may change and something that fits today may not fit tomorrow and vice versa. Some of the other regulars of this board (review other recent posts to find them today) may be able to provide additional information.

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  • Thanks ladies! Im going to try to find a variety pack to start and see what I like!!
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    I second doing the Jillian's Drawers trial for $10 along with a variety pack. I did their newborn trial and discovered
    I prefer AIO. If you want to chat with more women about CD (and other topics), check out the recent posts pipsqueak mentioned.
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