Pumping while on a work trip

Hi all! I will be taking a 2 day trip out of town in the next month or two. LO is 9 months old, and is EBF. I've read the posts on how to store breast milk while traveling, and how to get through the TSA, so I'm feeling pretty confident about that part. But I'm worried about the logistics of pumping. How/where do you pump in the airport? Should I get a small hand pump, or just bring my medela double pump, or both? The trip is actually a training session for a new job, so I'll have to bring my pump and cooler bag with me. Right now they're in a huge gym bag, which I don't want to cart around all day. I'm thinking of just carrying a large tote/purse, and putting a hand pump and cooler bag in there. But I've never used a manual pump- does that plan seem feasible? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Not sure about the double pump, but the PISA has an adapter that runs off batteries so you don't have to be plugged into an outlet. I used it when we went to Mexico and pumped on the plane (and in the hotel room as needed). I brought the bare minimum of what I needed to pump with, but I was also dumping on this trip because It was for 4 days and to Mexico and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of trying to keep it cold in the resort, etc, so what I needed wasn't much.
  • Hi! I just got back from a 4 day trip.
    I took my medela freestyle (i have a PISA too and have traveled with it but the freestyle is so much more travel friendly).
    Definitely toss it into a tote - I have a big Tory Burch bag that I used.
    As far as where to pump, well, this is my second LO and I nursed my first for 2 years so I'm no longer that shy about it.  This trip I pumped in my airplane seat twice.  once when we were stopped at the gate and I was one of few passengers staying aboard for the second leg.  The other in the middle of a cross-country flight in a FULL plane.  Next to a BIG, sleeping dude.  he didn't even notice. I also pumped at the gate, they have little charging bars at Laguardia (NYC) and I took the last stool kind of in a corner and just set up and pumped.  Super easy.  Just bring a cover and have confidence. :)
    I brought all my milk back and it was no problem!
    Good luck!

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  • OH! one more thing. I found it really easy to pump right into the medela bags using their adapters.  less washing. :)
  • I used family bathrooms on most of my trips (some airports do not have them). There is a website that lists which airports have family restrooms for this reason. There is usually an outlet and room to spread out, that's why I preferred it. Leave yourself an hour and a half to be safe if you prefer to pump on your layover. You can do it. It's really not that bad.

    Unless you go to Newark. There is nowhere to pump there!

    If you are renting a car, you can get the car adapter for your pump and pump on your way to your destination. TSA was pretty decent about it. I just took a freezer bag with ice packs and requested a fridge in my room so I could freeze the ice packs for the trip home.
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