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Six week ultrasound

I am five weeks.  I had my first ultrasound scheduled for three weeks from now, but I have to cancel it because I didn't realize I have a mandatory work training.  The place is crazy booked and said the only thing they could do is see me next week, putting me at 6 weeks.  I would rather be further along, to get a better picture and I did some research, most women said the baby was too small to see at that time.  Do I wait until I am 9-12 weeks??

Re: Six week ultrasound

  • With my last pregnancy I only measured 6wk1d and the only thing that I could see was a blob.  We did hear a heartbeat though! We did have a MMC with that one.  However, with my follow-up appt the picture ACTUALLY looked like a baby.  So I think if just depends on the person that is doing the ultrasound.  With my current pregnancy my first appt. was at 8wk5d and the pictures are great. In one of them the baby looks like a little gerbil.  It's all on what you prefer and if you are okay waiting until you are farther along or not.
  • I am waiting until 3 more weeks.  I have an appointment on Feb. 17th.  I will be around 8 weeks at that point.  I feel better about doing it at 8 versus 6. 
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