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Not Walking

My boy is 14.5 months and isn't walking.  He can walk with a walker, but isn't anywhere close to walking independently.  At his 12 month appointment, the doctor said he should be walking by 15 months.  Any insight?  Personal experiences?  I'm not sure if I should be worried or not.

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  • I have had some friends that had this happen. I won't say what happened with them because I don't want to scare you. One was a fairly easy fix and one was not. =/ I would give a call to the doctor and ask what they think the next step is. I know my friend had to go be evaluated at the local Children's hospital to figure out there issue and then have some therapy. He's almost 4 and playing sports now.
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  • Don't stress!  I always heard by 18 months.
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  • Early Intervention is amazing.  Our little boy had failure to thrive and because of his lack of energy, had gross motor delay.  At your son's age, he should be about ready to walk, but if he's been cruising for quite a while and isn't progressing any further, it might be a good idea to ask your ped if he/she can give you a referral for EI.  Is your son really flexible?  Like, can he easily pull his shoulders back until the shoulder blades nearly touch, or his foot back until it almost touches his shin?  Those were the kinds of things out PT explained can delay walking, because the joints are too flexible to make a steady platform, like trying to walk on a soft mattress.  

    She also gave some tips for helping him: Try putting him in overalls and holding the back bib when he walks instead of holding his hand, so that he learns to use his arms to balance.  Also, when you carry him, hold him around the legs, so he starts stabilizing his core.  If he is very flexible, try getting some shoes that come up nice and high on his ankles to firm them up.  Set up pillows and other obstacles on the floor for him to maneuver around to increase stamina and strength.  

    To set your mind at ease, our little boy started cruising at 11 months and didn't walk until he was 17 months.  Now at 22 months, he's running, walking backwards, and starting to jump.  So once they do catch up, the delay can disappear very quickly.  
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  • I don't usually post but didn't want all your responses to be negative. My son finally walked at 16 months after cruising since he was 9 mos. Around 12 mos he started walking if we held his hands but just would NOT walk on his own. He didn't even stand alone until like a day before he walked. Once he started walking though, he was a full-fledged walker. He rarely fell and was fast and steady.

    Looking back I guess he just hated falling? I would just watch that your son is making some progress but don't freak out too much. I worried a ton and it was all for nothing.
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  • I keep in mind that my co-worker didn't walk or talk until he was 2 - no intervention and he is a completely normal dude (albeit large, so probably something genetic there).  Walking average is 12 mos, so for all the early walkers -that is normal for them- there are late walkers -that is normal for them.  At daycare my son was the early walker and another girl was the late walker (scooted everywhere until near 2 years old then she was UP and running).  My kids are the late talkers to average out all those early talkers... ;)

    I suggest you watch your child, listen to dr and go with your instinct as to whether it's normal or not for your child.

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  • A great way to help your child would be to get rid of all constraining devices. Such as, bumbo chairs, exersaucers, the type of walkers that the child is placed into and is suspended, and swingy rockers. If the child has to rely upon himself to get around, he will start developing those skills more quickly.

    Often when children are early talkers, they are late walkers, and vise versa. 

  • My LO is about 14 months and has been able to stand on his own for the past month.  He is a scooter and not interested in walking.  He will take a few steps if he has something in his hands or thinks no one is watching.  I know it will happen, from talking with other moms when they start, they really get going so take advantage of the little extra time with them crawling or scooting.
  • I wouldn't worry yet, esp if he can walk with a walker.  My DD1 didn't walk until 17 months.  And when she was ready, she was really ready!  No drunk walking and falling a bunch like earlier walkers (like my DD2).  She literally just started walking and walked like she knew exactly what she was doing.  Some children are just more cautious, and that's not always a bad thing.  Our pedi wasn't worried at all & said it isn't even worth discussing until 18 months.

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  • DD1 walked at 16.5 mo and DD2 at 14.5 mo, my pedi said they don't become concerned until 18 months. I would worry yet.

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