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Pregnant after a Loss

pregnant again and so scared

Hi. I just had a miscarriage on Dec 4th 2014. I didn't even have a normal period before getting pregnant again so I'm not 100 percent on how far along I am. I'm so scared that I'll have another miscarriage, I had some light spotting the other day and now I'm terrified it's repeating itself. I'm scared to go to work and do strenuous activities even though they say if you're going to miscarry there isn't anything you can do to prevent it.

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  • It is natural to worry.  I stopped doing any exercise the moment I found out I was pregnant again.  Just make sure you call and tell your Dr. about the spotting.  Have you scheduled your first appt. yet?
  • I had my first appointment Monday but all he did is tell me there's nothing to really do for 2 months then he'll schedule a dating ultrasound. I didn't start spotting until the day after I saw him. It was really light and only lasted a day so I'm hoping it's nothing.
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  • I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks in october. I just had out first ultrasound monday and we are 8 weeks pregnant. I had one light pink drop of blood yesterday and today light brown spotting once enough to cover about 1/2 the toilet tissue. I am so worried. I also have the flu which makes it worse because fevers are dangerous. I have the whole 9 yards sore throat, runny nose, body aches, fever made better with Tylenol, sneezing, sinus congestion and sleeplessness. I am worried but feel helpless.
  • I have a cold too! Not super bad but I have two other kids and keep catching all their illnesses. My immune system seems to be really bad right now. But the week I took off work because of the cold/flu has helped my paranoia about working causing a miscarriage. Hopefully going back to work this week I'll be able to not worry as much.
  • Hi, I can understand how you feel, it wasn't long ago that I was in the same boat :(. A miscarriage, then a year of trying only to find out it had been my Thyroid that was slightly low. Ugh!! After months of meds, we finally got pregnant again last Sept and all is going great now at 22 wks- but the first 12 weeks were pure torture and I dreaded every trip the the bathroom bc of what I might see on the tp. I had two incidents of light sporting (one pink for 12 hrs and one brown for about the same amt of time) and I was immediately resigned to the worst. It didnt help that I was so unbearably tired too. But feeling aweful almost helped me feel hopeful that my crazy hormones meant things were doing what they needed to be doing - and I think they were!
    Anyway all of that to say that I wish you the best!! I totally get how you feel, it's so frustrating to wait (after having one preg that was complication free) but it's the only thing to do unfortunatley... Try n take care of your stress, be kind to yourself, it *will get better!
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