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Joovy Triple Stroller for Two?

Our neighbor just gave us this stroller. His wife left and it was just sitting outside in the elements. Despite this, it is in excellent condition, I think it was only used for less than a year...

I only have two children I would use this for, a 2 year old and baby due in July. Is it practical to use for only two children? If I had my choice I think we could do just fine with the Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem stroller.

I wouldn't feel right about selling this one to pay for the one that would work better for us but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by this stroller...
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Re: Joovy Triple Stroller for Two?

  • I would sell it and get something that better suits your needs.  That triple is a huge bus and way more stroller than you will need.
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