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For those of you not on FB, I will update here (and again on PB for shark)

I am home and resting from surgery. The Dr was fantastic. He said I had a true case of Ashermans and that my uterus likely fused to iteslf during my emerg D&C. He took photos along the way so I could see all the scar tissue damage at the beginning and a nice pink uterus at the end. FX that everything starts working now that I am cleaned out and opened up. 

I have a follow-up next week. In the meatime, I am on a super high dose of estrogen so I will be a moody hormonal mess, but I also have some Oxy to ease the pain. Yay!

Kid #1 - 09/03/12
Kid #2 - maybe???
Diagnosed with Severe Ashermans 
Hysteroscopy #10 - scar tissue grew back reblocking my right tube
#11 or IVF with scarring still inside?
1 lone embryo from September 2016 retreival, dx with Trisomy 16, starting fresh
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Re: Update

  • Glad it all went well! FX for quick healing.

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    Leo Richard 9.20.12 

  • Thanks for the update!  So glad everything went well.  Get lots of rest, make DH do everything and FX for a speedy recovery.

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  • FX For feeling better sooner rather than later!
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  • That is so cool he took pictures for you. I hope you feel better fast and this works for you!
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  • Thanks for updating! Glad things went well. Sending you lots of get well soon vibes!

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  • That sounds good. I am glad things are moving forward.
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  • I'm glad things are looking up now. Get well soon!
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  • Sending thoughts your way!


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  • Quick recovery my dear! Glad all went well.

  • Great news!!!!  I can imagine it would really help to visualize the difference.  Hope your recovery is smooth!


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  • Thank you for the update, I really hope this is what needs to happen for you.  It sounds very positive!  I hope you feel well, and you can always let any crazy you experience out on here!  FX for a smooth recovery!
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  • Sounds like great news! Take it easy for a few days! Hopefully you are on the other side of this now!
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