Milk ducts stuck under armpit Help

So weird i never knew this could happen. My left armpit has had hard and grainy swelling milk ducts ever since my milk came in about 5days. Ive tried everything i can think of.. hot compresses cold compresses hot shower massaging.. massaging while feeding.. hot compresses while feeding. Its so sore today. The right arm wasnt as bad when i noticed them and I massaged it out while feeding and then used bundles socks really tight under my arm to stop it from refilling so much but I just cannot drain this left armpit

Re: Milk ducts stuck under armpit Help

  • I have the same thing under my right armpit and my lactation consultant suggested cabbage leaves to dry the milk up
  • Yeah it happens to shorter women my midwife told me. I was told to freeze cabbage leaves too. I tried it and it took away the discomfort but still have very visible lumps :/
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  • This sounds really weird but I had this at one point (only in one armpit) and I took a bath in our jetted bath tub and positioned the jet right next to the sore lump at it must have massaged or pushed it enough to unblock as I felt relief right after. Not sure if you have jets in a tub but if you do I would try it!
  • I have a massager shower setting and it helped relieve it. The cabbage definetly worked though and i only used it twice in the one area now it's fine but still has the grainy bits above the big duct lump so they are hard to push through but atleast its pain free now :)
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