Won't take a pumped bottle

my son is 3 months old. He would get a bottle of pumped milk almost every day. I slowed down a bit cause the holidays have passed and we have been more at home. Now he fights me when it comes to a bottle. I'm stressing about this that he will always want the boob. Now I get it nothing wrong with that but it's like I have to plan out my outings if someone takes care of him other than me or feeding him. I don't like to bf him in public even with a cover. Car I do but can be a bit annoying too. I don't know what to do. Now I have also slowed down on pumping cause he doesn't leave me much time to pump. I was planning on slowly getting him to formula but if he won't take a pumped bottle how is he going to take formula. Any ideas?

Re: Won't take a pumped bottle

  • Not sure if you are the one giving the bottle, but my lo stopped taking one from me. He will still take it from other people though when he is hungry. I guess he knows I have another source for him and prefers the breast. Try having your SO give it to him
  • Also be sure to be out of sight when SO gives the bottle.
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  • agree that you should be out of the area and someone else should try to give the bottle.

    have you tried different brands of bottles? get a couple of different kinds and see if LO prefers one.

    have you tried different temps for the milk? warmer, cooler, room temp, refrigerator temp?
  • We had a similar problem with DD right before she started DC. Tried a couple different kinds, and Found that she liked avent natural nipples/bottles and would only take a bottle if very warm. Even freshly pumped she wouldn't thaw unless warmed. Good luck!
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