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I never dreamed picking a stroller would be so stressful! Im sure the FTM anxiety has a lot to do with it but here I am stressing out about all the details involved in choosing. I have done a lot of research and the two strollers I like so far based on reviews and recommendations is Joovy Qool single stroller and Phil and Teds Smart lux. Both are the same price point which isn't my top concern, I just don't want something I am going to have to replace, we do a lot of walking. If anyone has suggestions or experience with any of those I would appreciate it!!! 

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  • If I could do it all over again, I'd choose a very different stroller. Don't buy more stroller than you need and look for something that will be useful and practical past the infant stage. My criteria now, with some hindsight and experience, would be: lightweight stroller; good-sized storage basket; modular seats with rear-facing capability (strongly preferred but not required); smooth ride; and easy maneuverability.

    We went with the Orbit travel system with our first baby. Love the Orbit toddler car seat in particular, and the stroller itself was great until 8 mos when we were ready to transition to something more lightweight. I still think this a great single stroller, but would not want to use it much past 10-12 months. At 8 mos, we switched to the Bugboo Bee. Absolutely love that stroller. And the Bee 3 is now compatible with certain infant car seats, so you can use it right away, and then get more use out of it when baby outgrows the car seat. Lightweight. Easy to fold. Wonderful, smooth ride and easy to push.

    I also like the UPPAbaby Cruz for a lightweight option that will have better longevity of use. The Cruz has a fantastic basket, too. The Joovy Quool strikes me as being a lot like the Cruz, but the Quool perhaps has a smaller basket. I have experience with the UB Vista, as well as the Cruz, and think the Vista (like the Orbit) is too much stroller and has a shorter useful life. The Cruz, unlike the Quool, reclines a full 180 degrees which is a nice feature.

    Between the Joovy and the Phil & Ted's, I'd have a strong preference for the Joovy which looks to be about 5 pounds lighter. Good luck!
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  • Have you checked out the City Versa?  Is does all that stuff and is 1.2 the cost because it is being discontinued.  After going through multiple strollers I finally find THE perfect one.  The stroller community really loves this stroller for it's versatility.

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  • thank you both for your advice! i actually found both on Amazon at the same price point as the city versa but that looks like an option I will consider as well! thank you so much for your opinions and suggestions as to what is important I will definitely use that when making my decision!
  • I would do a Cruz or Versa before either of the ones you have picked out.  They are really great quality strollers.  I hear the Qool seatbacks are short and the Smart seat is small.  I have a Versa and I love it.  I've owned many strollers (I have an issue lol) and the Versa might be my favorite ever. 
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  • this is exactly what I was hoping from this post! Looks like the Versa is going to the top of my list after both reviews and reading on it, my main thing was it being versatile I don't want something I have to get rid of in 6 months because my baby has grown out of it that fast. thank you thank you thank you!
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    I think the Versa is super nice and the price point with it on sale is great. For stroller reviews I really love baby gizmo :) She does great reviews and I find them very helpful for details I don't think of sometimes, plus if you are a visual person I think it helps too!

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  • The GT wheels are totally worth it and the seat on the Versa is HUGE!  My 3 year old will fit til she is 5 I bet.  You'll need a snuzzler for your baby though to keep them supported.  I used one with my baby from birth even though the Versa says 6 months and I was totally good with that.  I think I stuck a rolled blanket in the seat to make it a bit more flat then I put the snuzzler on top.  I wanted the bassinet but since it was my 3rd baby and I knew my older 2 would ride also, I didn't end up getting one,  
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    We were 2 under 2, now 3 under 3!
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