accidental supplement

Yesterday i had gotten to work when the baby sitter called me to tell me she was almost out of BM and could i run more to them. I was unable to do this and so they supplemented with 1/2 BM 1/2 Formula that they had to make it through the day. Is this going to upset my baby? he is back on full BM today and i am worried that the slight input for one day is really going to mess his system up! Is there anything i can do to make sure that doesnt happen? is it too late and i just have to deal with it?

Re: accidental supplement

  • they had a weeks worth. it was just a lapse in communication that they had run out and all of my emergency contacts are on vacation so i couldnt get them anymore. He had a huge bowel movement yesterday im just worried the formula over the next few days is going to catch up to us!
  • I doubt your baby even noticed! Should be fine.
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  • I had to supplement when my baby was only a few weeks old when I went to the hospital. He was just fine. I didn't notice any difference with his digestion. He had Colic anyway ;).
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