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Transitioning from Breast-milk to formula-refusing

My son has been EBF since his birth, We are coming up on his 6 month mark in 5 weeks and I am preparing to move him onto formula. I am down to pumping every six hours (I never actually nursed him) so I am not concerned for myself. I have tried a formula bottle with him (enfamil) and he made a disgusted face and barely are an ounce. What can I do to make this easier for him? Is there a better formula? I do have a freezer full of frozen milk for him so I can go slowly with the transition but I need some advise please.

Re: Transitioning from Breast-milk to formula-refusing

  • I didn't really BF so not a ton of advice but you could try other brands of formula. My LO didn't like enfamil, but loves similac. Try to find some free samples if you can.
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  • I just read your update and was going to recommend mixing!!
    That's how we transitioned our babe! Much easier!

    Just remember when you add formula, formula time rules apply
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