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Diaper rash help please!

I had been using desitin, but switched to coconut oil after seeing LO's bottom looked a little red. Since I switched (yesterday) it has gone from being a little red to full blown diaper rash. I am changing her about every two hours and applying coconut oil with every change.

Thoughts/suggestions? Should I give the coconut oil more time? I saw others have posted that it clears up a rash super fast, but hers has just gotten worse. I might go back to the desitin. I feel so mad for her...


Re: Diaper rash help please!

  • I would go back to desitin and try to let it dry out. 

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  • When my daughter would get a bad rash I would use A&D ointment or Vasaline because it was gentle then once I got it looking a little better, I would use Desitin or Butt Paste.
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  • Thanks ladies! I'm going to send H out to buy everything under the he sun before the weather gets too bad.
  • So, by letting it air out you mean leave her without a diaper for how long? Sounds messy...
  • 10-15 minutes right after you change her diaper. If you can, do that a couple times a day. Then use whatever diaper rash cream and diaper as usual.
  • Both my girls got a rash from coconut, if it is getting worse I would stop.

    What works best for us is washing after a poo, or just wiping with water after pee. I let her air out for 5-20 minutes, lying on a clean diaper. Use your diaper cream after the skin is dry - desitin is a good one but it can be trial & error. Sample sizes are good to test with.

    My first daughter was sensitive to everything, and just needed lots of air time and cloth diapers/no wipes.
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  • Thanks guys! We are dealing with this, a 3 week growth spurt and what I think is gas. It's been a fun 24 hours.
  • Thanks, don't really feel like it...
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    I have also read that aquaphore works well when all else fails. 
  • Cornstarch mixed in Vaseline


  • We use A&D ointment, doctor suggested not wiping until it clears up, and only patting the area with a wipe if she has a poopy diaper in addition to airing her bottom out. It cleared up pretty well for us, I hope you have luck
  • Triple paste
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  • Another vote for Butt Paste. That stuff is awesome.
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  • We had our first naked session and she pooped on an old towel. She seemed to enjoy it! Haha!
  • My babies both had bad rash and I used flanders buttocks ointment (had to order it online) it cleared up redness on both their bottoms in just a couple days! Works great! (My SIL told me about it, my nephew had really bad rash that nothing would clear up, flanders was the only thing that helped him)
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  • Yup, lots of diaper-free time is usually the best remedy for diaper rash. (Just put down a towel first!) You can also toss a handful of oatmeal into bath water to help reduce redness. Coconut oil has worked for us when it's just a slight redness, but we usually use vaseline when it's a full-blown rash. Also, using fabric wipes with plain water helps too.
    Good luck!
  • I second @emmyg65‌ with Grandma El's. DD was getting red and I was afraid it would get worse. Started using this and it all went away. Does a great job protecting her bum and bonus is it smells good.
  • Vaseline/petroleum jelly simply works better than any rash cream for my newborn. Tried both and was amazed by the difference.
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