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The birthing center in Bryn Mawr

I have been working with the birthing center for my prenatal care and I know they refer out for the 20 week anatomy ultrasound. Is there a specific place that they refer you to or will you have choices of where to get the ultrasound done? Thanks

Re: The birthing center in Bryn Mawr

  • They can give recommendations but you'll most likely need to look up a radiology office that is in network for your insurance. 

    Last pregnancy I did my anatomy scan closer to home as Bryn Mawr was about an hour from me.

    Good luck!
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  • How do you like working with them? Do they also refer out the NT scan?
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  • You can go pretty much anywhere your insurance will cover.  For both pregnancies I did my 20 week scan at Paoli.  For my second pregnancy, the Birth Center sent me for a scan at 41 weeks, which I did at MDI in Bryn Mawr (very close to TBC).  
  • Hi ladies - I have my first prenatal appt. at the birth center next Friday. I will be almost 10 weeks along. I am a FTM and am just wondering what to expect from the first appt. at the birth center. I know they don't do an u/s but I assume they'll use a doppler to hear the heartbeat? Also, will they draw blood?

    Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated. Apologies if I'm hijacking this post a bit but I figured since you all were already talking about TBC, it didn't make sense for me to start a whole new thread :)

  • For your first appointment they ask a ton of questions for your medical history, talk to you about what to expect, you know general pregnancy things, birth center related things, answer any questions you have that kind of thing. They will take blood and due a vaginal exam, also a Pap smear if you haven't had one in the last year. They may or may not use the Doppler. The Doppler isn't as sensitive as an ultra sound so it's harder to get a heartbeat that early - though they may try anyway. At my first appointment we weren't sure of my due date, but the midwife said I felt like I might be around 13 weeks so she tried the Doppler on the off chance that we could hear anything. Turns out I was actually only 8 weeks, but we were able to hear something, so you can always ask them to try, but don't be worried if you can't hear anything - it's still early.

    I just had my first baby with The Birth Center last July, I was transferred to the hospital for induction a week before my due date, so I can't speak for actually delivering at The Birth Center, but if you have any questions feel free to message me. Good luck!
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