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ov'd - maybe? now what?

finally got my peak symbol on cb fertil monitor this morning, but didn't have a 'high' leading up to it.  just went from low yesterday to peak today. (although i noticed the second line of the sticks was getting slightly darker) -also haven't sene a temperature shift.   i've read that happens to some women but not sure what it means.  also, should we be doing the bd every day that we have the peak symbol?  i know everyone some people disagree about everyday vs every other day wondered what you ladies thought.  i'm especially prone to UTI's so that makes me want to do every other day but obviously i don't want to miss out on an opportunity.  Also, the ov symbol is on day 19 of what is typically a 34 day cycle, could that be a problem (i.e. too late?) and should i be eating/drinking /exercising differently?  i have given up caffeine and alcohol but bought a decaf mocha this morning but now not sure if i should drink it.  does this sound crazy paranoid?  jeez i sometimes wonder if i'm way overthinking this stuff.  thanks for any suggestions! 

Re: ov'd - maybe? now what?

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    If you haven't gotten a temp shift then no O yet. The monitor only picks up LH surge, you can have surge with no O.
    If your partner doesn't have any sperm issues then EOD is fine.
    No advice for your LP that's something to talk over with your doctor.
    Ttc is stressful and makes us think and rethink everything we do, eat and drink. You need to do what you feel comfortable with.

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    The monitor is telling you that you will ovulate within 12-36 hours. So this is your fertile time. I would guess that you will see a temp shift tomorrow. I would bd today and then tomorrow. See what the monitor says tomorrow. also, I've had trouble with the monitor, so I'm also using OPKs in the afternoon and trying to correlate.
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    Agreed @Dwmmwd‌ I would bd today and tomorrow. I second getting cheap opks too. I feel like there are lots of ClearBlue complaints though I have never used them. Wondfos off amazon are super cheap so you can test more than once a day. I also agree with @hooligans4‌ that you need to eat/drink at your comfort level but one coffee a day is considered safe.
    If you are about a 34 day cycle and Oing on the 19 that seems normal. My RE had no real concerns with my LP ranging from 11-14 days.
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    Thanks guys that's helpful reassuring. Am still pretty reactionary after mc in October. Somehow everyone telling me it wasn't my fault/ next one should be fine still hasn't sunk in. I swear I'm actually a very rational person! . I will pick up some opk s/ also have RE appt next week.
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    No additional advice just wanted to say good luck!
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