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My DH is going to San Antonio for BOLC which lasts about 2 months, then he has a 2 week break before beginning the Anesthesia program, also in San Antonio.  So BOLC is considered TDY and the program is a PCS.  So at what point will I be able to move with the kids?  I'm just trying to figure out at what point we should put our house up for sale.  I don't want to risk selling early and having to move before our move. 
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Re: PCS vs TDY

  • TDY is Temporary Duty Station whereas PCS is Permanent Change of Station. During TDY, your husband's orders will still show him as stationed at his current duty station. Once he gets his PCS orders, that is when the Army will move your whole family from where you currently are to where his new duty station would be.

    I just talked to my AD Husband and he said to see if your DH could get his PCS orders moved to early report to his new unit before BOLC. He should still be considered TDY during BOLC but that way you could move your family when he goes to BOLC. If they won't change his PCS orders, you would have to wait to move if you want the Army to pay for the move. If you're willing to pay out of pocket for the move with the possibility of not getting reimbursed (not sure how all that works since we have never done that) you could go ahead and put your house up for sale and just move when he reports for BOLC.

  • Sell your house based on your pcs orders. He should be able to report to San Antonio up to 60 days early but I believe he has to be with you. He would need the 2 weeks in between to out process.
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