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Birthday question...

Hi guys....I am trying to get an idea of what to do for my husband for his birthday. First off it is Saturday and we will be in the process of moving! Not sure what I can pull off in the middle of a move. We are currently on our 3rd pregnany. We did have a MMC back in July but we do have an almost 9 yo. My husband has also been working out of town lately (which he and I both hate) which makes our weekends a little more valuable to us. He is a car guy.. Loves working on cars and can't wait to build his shop so he can do side work and just tinker. Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance.

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    No suggestions for you, because I'm terrible at birthday ideas.

    But my bf and I moved in together ON my birthday last year.

    The apartment people made us wait until 6pm to get our keys because they were doing last minute repairs, so we were screwed out of our plans even though we'd been ready to move all day.

    We ended up eating pizza and playing Scrabble on my coffee table because it was too late to get our big furniture moved until the next day. We didn't even have a sofa to sit on lol

    But we were spending time together in our new place, so I suppose it wasn't all that bad.

    Anyway, good luck on finding something special to do :)

    ETA: Whoops, I'm in the dads thread. Didn't realize that, I'm obviously not a dad ;)
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  • While we probably missed the window for his birthday, without knowing him personally, I always say tie it to a hobby, or if you've heard him mention something he's said he wants.  If he's a car guy, something car related would probably go best.
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