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Racing heart

This is my fourth pregnancy so I am very aware of pregnancy symptoms but for the past few days I will randomly get a racing heart for no reason. It will only happen when Im resting. Im not stressed or anxious. Just curious if anyone else has been dealing with this and what the doctor has said. Im 29wks and have also been dealing with low iron.

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  • I'd contact your dr and let them know. I've had some weird heart palpitations and my OB sent me to see a Cardiologist. Had an EKG, wore a 24 hour monitor and had an ultrasound of my heart. Hoping to hear back tomorrow on the results. My cardiologist said that many pregnant women experience different heart problems during pregnany. Most are pregnancy related, but he did tell me things can appear once pregnant that you didn't know was there. I'd rather be safe then sorry.
  • Ask your doctor. Call them. Seriously

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  • Call your doctor like others have said.

    I will say, as someone who has suffered anxiety for years, you don't really have to be doing anything to have an anxiety attack. There's some kind of name for it I think but you can be as calm as can be and still have a sudden anxiety attack come on. My doctor told me it's more prominent (I hope that's the right word) during pregnancy when you're already naturally worried and stressed. This may or may not be the case for you. Just call your doctor so they can see you and figure it out.

    And hugs, heart troubles are scary at any time, especially when pregnant.
  • I get this all the time and have with all three pregnancies. Only when I'm laying. I never saw it as a big deal but maybe I'll confirm with my doc next time that it's normal for pregnancy.

    I always thought it had to do with hormones, blood volume and gaining more weight than my body is used to.
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  • Everyone told me it was normal that my organs were squished, my blood volume is increased, hormones are through the roof. Finally, one spell while I was laying down on the couch haver a nose bleed and dizzy spell. I called my OB right away and was sent to L&D. I had an elevated blood pressure that if left alone could have caused fetal stress! Don't wait and get checked out. I was in the hospital on a liquid diet with no previous blood pressure issues for three days. It's much better to be safe than sorry.
  • I am 30 weeks right now and have had the same thing happen to me. It actually started around 22 weeks. My heart rate will get to 150bpm just sitting or laying. I do however get lots of symptoms: dizzy, lightheaded, anxious feeling, confusion, chest pain, etc. Was checked out by cardiologist he thinks it is just an SVT. No biggie really. Nothing they will treat and said it is going to be more of a nuisance. I am wearing a 30 day monitor just in case it could be something since I have symptoms. The cardiologist mentioned that many times it is just hormones or pregnancy if you have no symptoms...but once you have symptoms they have to check it out more carefully. It would not hurt to call your OB office on Monday and just see what they say.
  • My Obstetricians and cardiologist all say it is a normal part of pregnancy. Increased blood volume, Heart working for two! and general stress on the body. This is my third pregnancy and I've had increased heart rate and palpitations each time. Also, my iron stays kind of low which can also very much contribute to that!
  • Totally a normal part of pregnancy.  This is my third pregnancy but I'm in better shape then ever and yet this is the first time I've had heart palpitations and racing heart beats.  It happens about once a week, sometimes more.  Since I rotate through drs at my ob practice, I've asked a few of them about it.  Talk to your but don't be alarmed in the mean time.  It's caused from increased demand on the heart pumping 50% more volume. 
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