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High platelet count update

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Hi ladies. I posted two weeks ago about this. I had my appointment with the hematologist on Friday. He said he didn't think it was anything, just pregnancy stress on my body. I cried and asked if he thought it could be leukemia. I googled thrombocytosis too much. He said no.

He did more bloodwork which included specialized tests for the jak 2 and another disease (can't remember), plus iron deficiency. He said he'd call over the weekend. He called Friday night! All of my labs can back normal, including my platelets, wbc, rbc, and iron. The specialized tests will take two weeks but he couldn't feel an enlarged spleen or liver, so he's not worried.

He had the best bedside manner and was awesome. I'm so happy things look normal. He is saying pregnancy stress caused this in late December/early January. Yay! Another small victory towards having a rainbow baby.
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Re: High platelet count update

  • I'm happy to hear things are looking just fine! Hopefully you can relax a little and breathe easier now.
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  • All good news! Congrats, and what a relief!
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  • This is great news! What a relief!
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