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Looking For Suggestions To Teach My Kid The Word Quiet

Hi There,

I don't post often in here, but I lurk a lot. My daughter is 3 (about to turn 4 in March) and she is in our schools early intervention preschool for speech and communication delays (no official diagnosis though). She's doing great in the program, but recently she has started to become frustrated with a few others in the class who can be disruptive (i.e. they make loud noises during activities she likes or throw tantrums that interrupt her activity) and because her language is still limited (3/4 word phrases is where she's at for the most part, such as I want ___ please) she has trouble expressing that this frustrates her and ends up going towards them and either pulling their arm or squeezing it really hard (aggressively). At school they are working with her to teach her to say "I don't like that" or "quiet mouth" (which I don't like quiet mouth but that's another story) so at home I want to work with her on the word "quiet" and I was thinking about making it our word of the week. I was trying to find videos/songs on that word but I can't find anything :(. I'm looking for suggestions on how to teach this word to her and incorporate it into our daily life. We tried to be loud and interrupt her during things she likes but she only thought we were being silly and funny. 

Last week our word of the week was "where" and we would say things like, "Let's practice our word of the week, WHERE is Mommy's car" and when she answered, I'd say your turn and she'd say "WHERE is a tree" etc. etc. 
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Re: Looking For Suggestions To Teach My Kid The Word Quiet

  • The only idea I can think of is teaching inside voice/outside voice. When I worked in daycare we'd say 'inside voice please." when the kids would yell in the rooms.

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  • I would whisper to get DS to use a quiet voice. That was what worked for us.

    We are still working on this because we can still hear DS across the entire grocery store.

    The funniest memory we have was when DS was saying "daddy where are you?" DH was looking at something else in another aisle and DS and I split up to look for something from our grocery list. All the men were uncomfortable and looked at me and DS weird.

    DH said he could hear DS from across the store calling him.
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  • Make a game about opposites! Loud vs. Quiet

    1 Game: Guess the song, blast a song and then lower the song to a quiet hum. Have her guess which is loud or quiet

    2 Game: Loud Voices vs. Quiet Voices. Guess the above. Right before the voice is quiet say, "Shhhhhh..." And in whisper say, Is this a loud voice or quiet voice?
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