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Funding Maternity Leave

My company offers no paid leave. You have to apply for short term disability which will pay 60% of your salary for 6 weeks ad then you can take another 6 weeks unpaid under FMLA. Im planning to start saving 200 bucks a paycheck to fund my maternity leave whenever that may be. What is everyone else planning to do?  Thanks for any feedback :-)

Re: Funding Maternity Leave

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    With my first I was fortunate to have sick days bank to take 9 weeks (I was a teacher). Now I stay home so it's not really an issue.

    We have been TTC over a year and a half so it's hard to plan. Saving sounds like a good idea.
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    When I had my second I had what you will get now. We never live outside our means so we just made do during those times.
    We don't have debt other than a mortgage so our bills were manageable so maybe that's why we were able to do it. I cook all our meals and clip coupons so I'm pretty good on a budget.
    Now I babysit from home so if I do ever get pregnant again I plan on taking a week off then go about my regular schedule.
    But if you can take $200 from every paycheck now and save it you will be fine when you take your 12 weeks off.

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    I've always paid into ST Diability through work and live in CA, so we get the 4 weeks before due date and 6 weeks after covered by the state at 100% your regular pay. After that I'll take all my vacation time, then we can take 6 weeks of paid family leave through the state but it's at 50% of your regular pay. After that my company will give me another 6 weeks of parental leave at 100% my regular pay. It's a pretty good deal. To be honest the ONLY reason I haven't quit my job in the last year is because I want to take advantage of the leave package one last time.
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    So, @rspalding001, am I reading this right that you'll be off 22 weeks plus your vacation time?  That's INSANE!  I'm so jealous.  I wouldn't leave my job either!  I do 2 weeks of PTO, 8 weeks of STD (c-section) at 65% my regular time (I add PTO to equal 80 hours), and 2-3 more weeks of PTO.  So I take 12-13 weeks depending on the day I deliver and how it falls in the pay period.  I work up till I deliver and I go back to an empty PTO (vacation) bank.  But I'm very happy to be able to take 12 weeks off ... and be paid.
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    @emsmama15‌ yeah it's pretty awesome. I work at a public accounting firm so the hours suck in general, but the maternity leave rocks ;)
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