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5th Percentile for Height?

Hey guys, long time no talk. I hope everyone's doing well. 

I was reading up on some of the stuff that has happened and I'm hoping you ladies are still here!

I just got back from DD's 15mo appt (even though she's 16mo) and I'm a bit concerned. 

We moved in August and there was no peds that would take her as regular care, I guess there's a shortage or something so they only do referrals. 

Anyways - we found a family doctor and he has been decent so far. 

She is a bit under the 5th percentile for height but in the 25th for weight (which is great for her, she was always a slow gainer)

Now, I'm worried about her height. If it's not weight, it's height. I can't win, lol. 

He has referred me to the ped that is at the same clinic. I am very worried something is wrong. I am short (5'2) but my husband is 6'0. However, all his family is below 5'9, same with mine. 

I am just so concerned and we probably can't get in to see the ped until March/April they were saying. 

Our family doctor isn't concerned, he said he is just sending her to be sure that the ped isn't concerned since she knows more about it than him. 


Anyone else have any similar stories? :(
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Re: 5th Percentile for Height?

  • Don't have any advise or help... I understand you being worried. Hopefully they'll tell you everything it's fine. Maybe she's just going to be petite.
    Almost everyone has moved to another site with all that's going on here. I'll PM you the new site so you can check it out and get in touch with everyone. We still have S13 over there. CurlingRocks can't even check in here anymore.... she and many others had their accounts deleted and all their post history gone too.
  • I wouldn't be concerned. If you don't mind me asking, how tall is she?

    My DD is on the petite side too, we don't usually ask about percentiles though we just take her measurements with a grain of salt so long as she's growing a little bit each visit.
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  • @Burrberrymum‌ sorry, didn't realize I didn't even put her actual height. She is 28 inches or 73cm. This new family doc doesn't look into her own growing curve which bothers me. However, she only gained 2cm in 3 months. :(
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  • Also, how are they measuring her? If she's laying down it might not be accurate. We went for a visit and her height got shorter 2 times in a row then got taller. Our doctor said that she's never really concerned with height unless she's absolutely not growing at all. My DD is about the same height as yours, a tiny bit over 28 inches.

    Do you measure her at home while she's standing? I've started a little growth chart of my own because of how inaccurate the measurements are in the office.
  • She may just be taking after you. We are in the very bottom of the growth charts. We've been told to get him to eat more bc he wasn't gaining much weight but the ped isn't worried bc I'm very short
  • I wouldn't worry about it. She might just be little and petite...or she might have a growing spurt later in life. If she wasn't growing at all or gaining weight then I'd worry!
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  • Thanks ladies. Makes me feel a bit better. Especially since we can't get into the ped until April. I could easily take her to our old ped in our old City but I'm trying to not freak out if my family doc isn't too concerned. Plus, the ped she is referred to is a VERY good one. She is worth the wait. I am going to take her in once a month to get measured and weighed just to make sure she is still growing (even if its just a little) and then I will wait to see what the ped says. 

    I just hope they don't want to run a bunch of tests. 
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